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  • The $75 is for a race and a bunch of other items. IMO, the only problem with the Dragonborn Pack is that it has Bind on Equip items in it. Every unique item in these packs should be usable by every character on your account and Bind on Pickup. Would be nice if it has its own epic mount and companion to make it more…
  • They could make it far more attractive by making everything Account Bound and no disintegration penalty. Making equipment in this pack Bind on Equip and only allowing one piece of equipment available is a major turn-off for a pack like this.
  • Permastealth has been rendered almost completely useless in Icewind Dale PvE. Some of the mobs use powers even while you are in stealth, then there is the main boss from the weekly daily that can see you through stealth.
  • You mean I can't create a Dragon Bard? There is no possible way that it is an April Fool's joke since they put in far too much effort into it. Obviously balancing dragons for PvP is taking much longer than the devs thought.
  • So does this mean that we will finally get the Dragon race that was mentioned last month?
  • I believe the dev blog about heroic encounters said that they appeared only once every 90 minutes.
  • Sgt. Knox just gives the mission to see the person that gives access to Icewind Dale. They are near the South gate of PE. One of my characters had less than 10,000 Gearscore and they were sent to the Icewind Dale contact. After I got 10,000 Gearscore, I was able to get the mission to go to Icewind Dale.
  • Content gating allows new endgame content to be a challenge. If they didn't introduce the 10,000 gearscore and tier 3 boon from Dread Ring or Sharandar, then as people complete more and more content, then new content will be easier and easier due to all the Campaign passives. This was actually the problem with Star Trek…
  • Haven't heard of any changes to the lower levels, but a reason to start a new character is for the new class artifacts. You need 2 level 60s that are eligible for the module 3 content to be able to do the class artifact quest. There is no other reason to start a new character as far as Module 3 is concerned.
  • My problem with the Angel is the false advertisement between the store listing and the actual angel. They look nothing alike.
  • Here is the official dev response.
  • Your Control Wizard does the quest to get the Control Wizard Artifact. Now any of your other characters can go to the Reward Claims agent to grab the Control Wizard Artifact. The Control Wizard Artifact is not for the Control Wizard, but for characters of other classes and want some crowd control. After all, look at the…
  • You could make the claim that they are cheating by using software that allows their mouse to click more quickly than through manual control, but that is it. Whether that is cheating or not is open to debate since they are just opening lockboxes and save some effort.
  • Was expecting the Angel to look like the image in the Ardent Store.
  • Actually, no there are not. The items from the Thayan Artisan Pack are from the T2 Dread Ring set. The cloak, belt, and ring from the T1 Dread Ring set are from the solo Dread Ring Instances like all the other T1 Dread Ring set items.
  • They are bind on pickup and the stats can be found by looking at the Thayan Regent (Valindra Dungeon) set in the Collection window under the Dread Ring Tab.
  • For some reason, the lag on Jawbone is far too nasty for me. Hard to deal with the coffins when the lag prevents you from activating the coffin in time. The nastiest enemies for perma-stealth TRs seems to be in Icewind. The Battle Wights have a PBAoE that they use that lasts for a few seconds that they activate while you…
  • Considering that you are missing the Leyline Lorekeeper, then you either didn't purchase the 5 stacks of Preservation Wards or didn't purchase them at the right time. The Drow Mercenary requires purchasing the right number of a particular C-Store item on a certain day for 4 days in a row. If you purchased the Preservation…
  • And only the finest pom-poms from the tails of snow dragons will do.
  • It is truly amazing that we get the Gelatinous Cube Mount and the Respen's Event. They would easily qualify for just a regular April Fool's joke where we don't get either one. Now if we can only get the Dragon race. A Dragon Trickster Rogue would be fun.
  • From what I understand, there will be PvP and PvE dailies that grant Black Ice. To get the maximum amount of Black Ice per day, then you have to PvP and PvE, but there is nothing stopping someone from doing just PvP or PvE to get it. Of course, this is not on the test server yet so this is pure speculation on my part.
  • Then there was Star Trek Online, another Cryptic game, where a dev stated that they could remove PvP completely from the game and it wouldn't have a major effect on the game.
  • My guess would be that the anchor point for the male GWF's weapon location is not in the correct location. These anchor points are invisible and determine where weapons and other items that are not part of the model will show. So if we ever get wings, then the wings will connect to the model with the anchor point.
  • The only use for Priceless Thayan Antiquity is to get more chances for the Eye of Lathander which is a very rare drop from the Arcane Coffers from the Dread Ring Solo Dungeons since it costs about 7,000 Astral Diamonds and up and Thayan Relic Fragments cost 2,500 Astral Diamonds and up and includes the same thing as…
  • Lobi which is Star Trek Online's version of Trade Bars was character bound for almost 2 years and they finally got account bound late last year. Of course, they have methods to get Lobi for free even if it is only a limited amount like 15 Lobi per day during October which doesn't currently exist in Neverwinter.
  • I wonder if it would be better to wait on using the Star Metal Gauntlet until Module 3 to see if they change anything with the RNG for this artifact since they did change a couple of things with the Sharandar Campaign when Dread Ring was released.
  • In Star Trek Online, they have account bound items that you can transfer between alts, but it only works through the Account Bank. Not sure if Neverwinter has something like this, but if we do, then you have to go to the bank.
  • This doesn't make sense. Since there is only one server, then getting to jump ahead of almost everyone is more effective than when we had multiple servers. Anyone with Hero of the North jumps ahead of almost everyone and just have to wait for the other Hero of the North players that queued up ahead of them.
  • Cause it is theoretically possible to get a Perfect Weapon/Armor Enhancement without wards or just using Preservation Wards.