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  • +1 workaround: use cube of augmentation and reroll new. at least you get it back.
  • Even worse: You forgot -4% Forte. For a dps class this ist -2% power and -1% of another offensive stat. So you are down to -23% off stats. Even more worse on mythic : 5000 gs for the combat enchantment. This will lead to -28,75% off stats. 28% off stats equals roughly about 15%-20% damage, depending where you are standing…
  • Listing from 03/09 came through on 11/18 5x5K Zen between 1:06 pm and 5:05 pm GMT
  • thanks for sharing. this seems to be a 5% drop chance for epic companion gear.
  • Problem is, people will run into into the bug without even knowing it. For example, everyone who will help a weaker guildie through a FE will gain a fragment.
  • For those who want to be level 80 in 5 minutes after mod 16 patch: Before the patch, do all weeklys from Acquisitions Inc., Chult and all Stronghold Quests and do not return them! Patch mod 16. Use Azurs in utility slots and activate XP-Boon from stronghold (if you have). On preview I came to 209% XP-Boon. Return all…
  • But you wont tell us how high exactly they are now, compared to the 24.000 values, so we cannot know when our counter-ratings are over the cap, right?
  • I got 10x Balance resonances which I didn't have before in my inventory. Attunement crystals worked with theses, but I didn't get a set for new resonances from the chest. Only one runic etching. Also, like other said, I didn't see the resonances in my inventory. I only saw it in the protocol chat. Looks like some people…
  • the "unstable" resonances are needed for the quest before risk vs reward (forgot the name). After that I guess no more "unstable" will drop. After risk vs reward you'll need resonances, but not the unstable ones.
  • the earlier resonances are not recognized in the attunement crystals. I dropped the quest risk vs reward and picked it up again from the runemaster. Got fresh resonances that worked in the attunement crystal. Chest opened and I finally got a runic etching. Next yellow quest is to get a runic orb from the runemasters shop,…
  • first master expedition had Remorhaz boss that is bugged (see above). second master expedition had another boss. worked. third master expedition I used the rune from the patch. Had a boss that worked. But the reward chest was completely EMPTY! No runic etching to complete the quest "Risk vs Reward" where are the runes for…
  • "Seal of the mountain if i remember right is the camp store. When you open the camp screen it's on the left." No. campaign store uses "Undermountain Token U". That's a different currency. And just to keep attention on it: Still no drop from the runic encounters (place holder HEs). No runic resonance to convert into…
  • i had the same problems, but since last patch (07/26) it seems to be solved. I have excellent framerates now and no lags anymore.
  • Why so complicated??? Identify some sort of "trusted members", let's say like 50+ in each +8 h time zone, with the right to instantly block spammers in zone chat. Assure some sort of transparency by copying the questionable chat sentences somewhere.