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  • @nitocris83 Thank you for investigating for us, and fixing this problem. I hope to work more with you on any future bugs that we catch. ^.^ Even though most will never say it, we do appreciate all of the hard work that you, the devs, and other moderators do to make the game play more smoothly.
  • Hopefully, both will be fixed today, but they are doing an extended maint on the 29th too. >.> Or maybe those bugs were just overlooked in making the patch notes. We won't really know, until someone with the company lets us know what's really going on. If nothing else, just work on some alts during the event. I'm not sure…
  • o.o I'm hoping it gets fixed too, but I guess it may not come, until the 29th at this point. I guess I can level my alts till then. I just can't participate in the Dragon Event or any Heroics for Campaigns and expect anything. @nitocris83 Would be nice, if you could give us an update on the Heroic Encounter Claims Button…
  • Today is the 23rd @korpivaellus The patch should come out today, but I checked for patch notes again, and nothing is mentioned for the problem. I'm guessing we aren't going to be able to do anything about it, until the 29th for the long maint.
  • @nitocris83 I didn't have this, before today, and I'm not here to complain. I want to help. Here is what I encountered: I was working on quests in the Water Elemental area (Drowned Shore), when I saw two people in trouble with two heroic encounters. I stepped in and helped, I was able to claim a reward the first time.…