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  • I've only had this bug back when i tried to solo IC i could not enter the first boss alone it kept teleporting me like that there is also a bug where the boss simply doesn't show up this seems to happen sometimes when not all the players are grouped up at the last mob before the portals spawn or if they take to long to…
  • it would be great if you guys can fix this before dungeon delvers as that is one of the main skirmishes i grind during the event
  • paladin's damage reduction requires 2 things stamina and divinity, divinity is also most paladins way of establishing aggro i main pallly tank on pc an a vanguard on console i don't have trouble holding aggro on ether whether it's aoe or st on my pally for aoe i don't even use templars wrath the big difference is when i…
  • I honestly don't have a problem with Demo i can solo tank it on my 40k ilvl fighter the problem i have is people logging out or standing till screaming kick me kick me over and over. Also bring in a penalty for people who miss use the vote kick player the other day i did radq my tank is an old build from when i had as much…
  • i play paladin for about 2 years now and i originally chose this class because it can both heal and tank but currently it sucks at healing, for tank it would be nice to have extra damage resistance while shield is raised on all classes and i don't like deflect severity as a forte bonus i want guaranteed survival vs. a…