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  • yea, this problem could be snowballing into an even larger issue That post makes its sound like those of us that keep legitimately buying the1 of broken pack each week might get shafted, we need to know if we are just throwing favors away buying them before this is fixed.
  • I did they sent me back here I've read your message and I understand that you experienced an issue with the Contest of Liars (quest bugged/glitched.) Upon checking the forum link below, other players are encountering the same case on all platforms. For this one, kindly post as well what you have experience on the bug…
  • Still broken The quest only completes if u deal enough amount of damage to Remorhaz which is hard to do when there are so many killing it waited about hour for Remorhaz just to not get a completion, yet again Proof https://i.imgur.com/9MFO4EV.jpg back to wasting hours to try and get this completed...
  • They drop from kills most of mine have come from from killing every living thing the on docks over and over. They can also drop when your running over manes. They where accidentally dropping months ago when the new Area update and they fixed them from dropping. Now they are back with the new citadel event they were meant…
  • This is an old discussion I'll post it here anyways since joecool99 has revived it The skull in Tribal PIT is not glimmering/ not able to be interacted with can not complete this quest at this time a whole bunch of players trying Dropping the quest and picking it back up or changing instances had no effect It will give you…
  • Remorhaz will only count I guess if you get to mine the black ice (some have said) or a certain amount of damage I ran to it as soon as it poped and while I got credit for the heroic, it didn't count yet again for sybella's quest.. Tried to mine the black ice but got this node is exhausted and Remorhaz poped and we killed…
  • After doing two other ones that worked before to complete this quest and it not counting people said remorhaz & black ice Beholder in chat. Wife and I did the remorhaz major encounter on our mains completed and gave loot Did not count for quest other people complaining in chat Did black ice Beholder in the other area and…