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  • When Mod5 was introduced the DEX was intended to grant deflect only to the TR as part of its rework, but instead it applied to all classes. Now they have fixed that, and this is the way things should be. Dexterity: No longer incorrectly grants too much bonus deflect to classes that are not Rogues.
  • The SOD is what made the TR back in line with the other DPS classes in pve, you could have decrease the percentage damage it does down from 50%, but removing the stacks was the wrong way to go, before this patch, I had more survivability from the life-steal since it depends on the damage I'm do, but now we have little…
  • This has probably been said before but here goes. As a mainly PVE EXE TR player, I think the TR needs a huge buff to be on par with the other classes in terms of damage, especially on single-target dps. The TR has one job, which is to burn the boss, and we're doing it badly. I don't really care about AOE damage at all; I…