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  • My only lvl 60 is a guardian, and until they fix them, I won't play him except to pray. As such I cannot help ya fellas. When my rogue get's 60 i'll be happy to, but that's some time away.
  • Custom build it. I'm starting to use custom built houses all over the place (especially in Palisade's Horror). They aren't too hard, and though multi-floor ones are time consuming, there not too hard either. Run my Palisade's Horror (not the whole thing if you don't want) just to see what I did there.
  • ...when you press E to rotate something you don't like in a live quest
  • Crowthorn (cool name): Great decor and lighting in...everywhere Speaking to Kellor - "normally we have no problem dispatching out foes" should be "our" Felt the end could have used more. Didn't realize it was over so soon, and what of the people that hired me? I think you did great, especially with the decor, top notch…
  • Thank you redneckronin - I found the problem, sorry to have wasted your time by you not finishing it. I will also work on the story. Thx a ton!
  • Should work. They will flex for a 10 count saying nothing, than will flash chat while blowing a kiss for a 6 count. Should work. Watch them for 15 seconds to ensure.
  • redneckronin: Hay beds in the sewers (first room on left) float in the air. Sewer Door Grate 01 - change name Door at the key - hevay should be "heavy" Blood Trail 01-?? - change name to just blood trail Makeshift bridge near the backpack floats just above the ground Rubble pile in room where blood trail starts - some of…
  • Will run yours: Quest Name: City of Splendor Short Code: NW-DLTU1VGL6 Difficulty: Solo Maps: 2 This is part two of a quest (Sage Advice) - you travel to the Ruins of Myth Drannor in an attempt to find Arah's Father who was sold to a man called "The Butcher". Can you find her Father?
  • objective complete would be when a story line section is complete. So you would have "kill mobs X" as a quest line, and in the editor object complete "kill mobs X". When those mobs are dead that option is available. objective in progress is the same but will be available once that obj. begins.
  • Right after defeating Sarcossa there is debris (flags) in the hall that is blinking, you'll have to raise or lower it by .1 or so to stop it from competing for position with the floor. Evernight Halls: bone pile in corner of first room (after the hall with portraits) hovers in the air a tad. No other problems. All-in-all a…
  • Thanks a ton myrmecoleon, I'll make those changes asap. I'll also be running yours in just a moment. You're a big help! All changes made except the shadow wolves and exacerbated. Cannot manipulate the drop down boxes well atm so don't want to change the wolves and their mechanics until we can see our drop down options.…
  • dominemesis - * the door after the guards is floating away from the wall a tad. * Decor is nice enough but repetative. I know the work required to put all those paths, so they are nice, but a stalagmite/tite would work wonders. * Some of the fights were pretty hefty stacked, just easy fights so not too bad. Nicely spaced…
  • Katah1969, my son and I just ran yours. He zoned before I finished my review, but the jist of it was that your story is great and the atmosphere was good. Nice pacing on the fights and though the decor was sparse, a little bit went a long way. Nice job.
  • plutovich *The downstairs of the first room could use some sprucing up, a plant or picture perhaps? *Speaking to Lord Venquest - suceed should be succeed favourable should be favorable disonest should be dishonest *Talking to Joran Morian - "it that the kind of man" should be "IS that the kind of man" responce - I dont…
  • Meysa - Your ballista sorta hover in the air on the front side I like the spawning of guys after the ballista and turning the ballista into rubble Use of decor is okay. Nothing eye-popping, nothing too lackluster. Inside, first room to the right: fireplace is backwards Continuing that path is another backwards fireplace.…
  • Katah1969 - my son and I will review yours tomorrow morning. Mine is: NW-DONEPB9CK
  • lumicakery - ran yours but my party member zoned out during review, so I doubt it went through :( Was great story, I like dream type ordeals and this was top notch. I saw no blatant errors but I would suggest making the fights alittle easier. I didn't die, but was two of us on solo mission and we still had to pop more than…
  • lostcharta: Thank you very much. I've made changes to almost everything you put on there. I greatly appreciate your review. Lumicakery, I'll get yours asap.
  • Speaking to Big Whiskey in the Vault right after entering: Cosy should be spelled "cozy" Speaking to Big Whiskey after I hand him the note. Enquiries should be "Inquiries". Only small complaints would be there there is a lot of running in between the levers and such - those halls could use more decor and though fights kept…
  • Sure, I'll do the second one right after work. Review coming in about 5 hours.
  • Still looking for more reviews, especially on my village (though the whole thing really). Please keep in mind I'm using 1498/1500 details in the village - I'm not sure what to add or polish in it, so am taking ALL suggestions: NW-DONEPB9CK
  • zwallace: Was a short and sweet quest. Understandable story, well done fights and enjoyable all around. Only critique would be for more decor. Not a lot more but the mines felt drab and the tavern felt like 100 others. Not a ton you CAN do about all that I understand... Was 4 stars and a tip from me :) (anyone that gets at…
  • chibbiuke: A book for the receptionist would be suiting Teleport, small fight, teleport - too heavy on the load screen my son says (he's runining it with me) LOL! The roleplay hero while manning the weaponsmith station (this is fun), congradulations should be "congratulations" Was a blast. A tad heavy on the zoning but…
  • Will run mrthebozer and chibbiuke in a short bit, have to de-agro wife
  • All of those have been fixed, thank you VERY much for the input and the stars of course mrthebozer :) As a side note: I'm trying to make small changes to the village, but am out of details to use. I remove a tree or sticks here and there, but don't want to thin it out too much. I did manage a book and a lantern though :p
  • Thanks, I fixed many of the issues you pointed out. Some I cannot til my foundry un-bugs itself.
  • Frosty Proctologist is spawned on top of a duplicate of himself. Funny all around. Could have spruced up the chef competition Every fight being an "ogre" fight (a fight with mobs with 5-7 bubbles of life) takes a lvl 59 guardian a very long time. Not a bad thing really, just frustrating for us guardians. Good run
  • labmouse42, I'll go run yours now. NW-DONEPB9CK is the one I want reviewed. It's a work in progress. Will let you know what I think of yours in a few.
  • I like that I can sneak passed some fights in the first map. Creative elements to the story (like entering through the roof) Love the book riddle for the secret door Taking the elf digits could use an emote - like interact low Dungeon portions could use a lot more detail. Some of the rooms are very drab and grey. Combat is…
  • I don't usually do long reviews that nit-pick every detail, but I will review the general story/combat and details of yours right now. Mine that I want reviews for is: NW-DONEPB9CK (or any from my signature, but this one I want more reviews for).