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  • Thaumaturge paragon needs a radical change of how smolder works, it needs to do burst damage on Aoe and addictive damage on ST. There's a lot of useless and nonsense feats that can just be removed to give place to better ones. Thauma has actually great class features but they synergy badly because of how weaker smolder is.…
  • I would love a reduced AP cost for Oppressive force and Fanning the Flame to 50%, this would allow both paragons to be, not more flexible, but at least useful in Aoe. Both paragons relies on Ap gain builds to be effective, so doing this would improve Wizard's capabilities. Also, the daily has nice synergy with both class…
  • Make low quality rings and comp gear unbound, let this stuff be useful to somebody and not only trash for others. Bound to account itens are good for the game health, but only if they are viable.
  • Wizards are very slow, and i thought that with mobs getting Tankier we would have a shot with the new combat rework but i was wrong. The first suggestion that i have is that "most of our AoE dailies should consume only half of AP", this would increase the performance of both paragons on scenarios with a lot of mobs since…
  • Jesus how people are overreacting. As i previously reported on the forums, Mobs are hitting for too much and have apparently more hp than bosses. Combat advantage formula is very Op comparable to the other stats and needs a relook (its making awareness more important than defense by a lot). The recommended Item level for…
  • Apparently generic mobs (from the zone) have too much HP, while Big mobs have too low, causing then to die way faster than the generic ones, ex: BHE boss and the boss from the intro quest. Ps: This is also a recurrent problem in any other zone.
  • I'm in favor of bonus on gear having not more then 5% rating contribution, that's a good way of preventing power creep and assuring a health future for the next modules. Right now the focus should be on improving the 1000-1300 IL (Hunt, Avernus and Undermountain) gear, since its what the most of the playerbase is using and…