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  • I play on PS4 and I am having the same issue. -Last week I could buy 1 from Wondrous Bazaar and 1 with promissory note -Yesterday (Monday) I could buy 1 more from Wondrous Bazaar -Today after the patch I could use my other 2 promissory notes with no issue -Today after the patch I could claim my free ones from the claims…
  • So the official patch notes when this mod went live only provided a link to this thread when talking about the professions overhaul. I'm sorry but I'd rather not read 47 pages just to try and guess what you guys did and didn't change. Can you please make an actual new thread/announcement about the state of professions at…
  • As has been said already, roll a 16 on STR if you can. It not only gives you more damage potential at end-game because you will be hitting 100% crit anyway, but that array actually offers you more points overall as well. As for dex vs cha, it's important to note that 1% crit is worth more than 1% CAB. Base CAB is +15% to…
  • I know how and when to roll, I play Dark Souls (lol). My question was literally just asking how and why all TRs dont just put everything into defense? How high is everyone's defense that they can afford to put ANY points into LS or deflect? And where are they getting the defense from? I just want to line up right for the…
  • I heard this isn't a bug, but intended. To stop people from sniping. Problem is, it doesn't. I have repeatedly been sniped by people who bid at the last second before the button becomes disabled. I was outbid with 47 minutes left, then I outbid him with 7 minutes left and sat there and watched the timer excitedly awaiting…