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  • I'm not suggesting that there's any correlation between money and beta, I'm suggesting that once they charge for a product, or allow people to begin investing in it, there's a certain degree of responsibility that should be assumed. The idea that a company should be absolved of all responsibility to provide a reasonably…
  • Lmao. +1 internets, gramps.
  • I don't know who's more mad, the people who think beta is an excuse for a shaky product or the people who when confronted by intelligent individuals on the matter go absolutely nuclear and suggest everyone should be banned. If you can't take discourse, perhaps a forum isn't the place for you.
  • I'm trusting them to provide a product when they offer it for sale, if they can't provide it, they shouldn't offer it. It doesn't matter what they label the product state, or how many bullets fankids think they can jump in front of, the bottom line is if you charge for something, you should be reasonably sure you can…
  • They can't use the website, for some insipid reason, the website is hosted in the same racks that the game servers are. That's why it's so slow right now, it's probably on fail-over to the emergency 486 apache server in the basement.
  • I'm sorry, they lost the ability to call it a beta when they started taking my money.
  • Since this seems to be merged into one thread, I'll say this again. I like the game and I don't want to see it fail. Perhaps if it was so early in the beta stage that it should be considered unreliable, they shouldn't have started accepting money. Once they started taking my money, they lost the ability to duck behind the…
  • Exactly, they lost the right to hide behind "beta" when they started accepting my money.
  • Complaining about servers being down doesn't indicate hate for the game, if someone really hated the game, they wouldn't care if it was down because they wouldn't be playing it. It's really moronic to suggest otherwise.
  • Wait, are you saying you want a pitchf.....
  • To be honest, I think the whole model of "one thing drops that people all have to fight over" is getting a little dated, but anyway.
  • I hope they don't change the rogue for pvp reasons and end up making them miserable in pve. I'm enjoying my rogue very much, if they jack it up because people haven't figured out how to counter it in pvp yet, I'll be very disappointed.
  • Hey, cool thanks!
  • Just as I was talking to someone here about getting a founder pack because I'm enjoying the game, it crashes in front of me and makes me look silly :S