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  • I'm in the same boat, having completed all the campaign tasks, quests several times, achievements (and also MSP of course), with no "Ascendant Triumph" at the end. I've completed the campaign after it was added in the "historical" campaigns. I remembered getting the last boon before doing the last quest, perhaps it was not…
  • I'm not asking for anything, I was just confirming that the real problem was indeed solved, as there was no official message about this.
  • It's true now, but it was not the case before, so it was a problem, at least for people who had not access to the game every day. As stated in previous posts, for the steps 1 and 2 of Echoes of Prophecy, after the first turn-in per day per account, you got only normal and bonus currencies for Sybella quests, but not the…
  • Indeed, the error message is still here, but now the limited campaign currency is delivered, so it's possible to give back multiple quests to Sybella the same day.
  • Any news for the part 3 of the campaign ?
  • The mask price for the winning team members is 10k
  • Will this issue be corrected for the part 2 of the campaign ?
  • It seems the bug prevents to get "Echoes of Prophecy" currency with old quests more than once per 24 hours. I have some quests in my log for the double currency event. Yesterday, only the first "legacy campaign" quest give me 120 of the the new campaign currency. The following give me only the old currency with the red…
  • No, it costs 60000 astral diamonds for every character. The only thing you get with the deity is a specific title for your character. Interesting note, when you change deity, you get the new title, but the old one is still available. So you can have all the deity titles if you want...
  • The original enter is on the map but it's a trap :) It's not the good one. You have to use the light portal near the quest donors, there's only the main fight of the dungeons to do to complete the quest (with hags in shadow form and no cristal to use).