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  • Yes.. totally agree with the OP. I have an education and background in engineering. It doesn't really matter where I work though. If I were to put out a product that is as broken as this, then say "will fix on the go", I'm fairly sure that I will be unemployed by the next day. So, let's say Mod 16 came out nearly 2 years…
  • So far, I still haven't gotten the answer that I want to to see the most. Yes, I am very sure that I will eventually be back to where I am on Live right now. Yes, some changes are good, but also bad. Nothing is perfect. It was never perfect with the previous changes. It won't be perfect with this intended change. It's like…
  • Why are you guys arguing math here? Having been educated and worked as an engineer, I'd rather not argue about numbers in a game anyway. The majority of mmo players don't really care about what your equations are... they just want something simple that they can understand. I will make it simple. I'm sure that with many…
  • I think you are only focusing on one part of the game.. namely Zariel or ToMM, where boss damage is nearly unavoidable. You are projecting that way of thinking and build upon nearly 90% (just a quick guess from my own experience with other players) of players that can't or won't do those trials. Nearly every other boss in…
  • I don't see Fighter in there anywhere. Does that mean Fighters didn't get any updates?
  • Actually, I kind of agree with c1k4ml3kc3 assessment. I have been playing for a very long time, but I never felt the need to post on the forums or even look/read the forums. Every change was a shot to the gut, but I used to have the same view you do. Now, not so much. I remember my ex-Guardian Fighter > Fighter logging in…
  • Well, I feel as if I've been lied to ever since Open Beta. I've put up with a lot of nerfs, changes, improvements, etc. This is getting really stupid. If the devs want to make a new game, they should go and make a new game... don't use NW and its loyal player base as guinea pigs. It's not what is being changed that I am…
  • Just a things to point out... - If it's not broken, don't fix it - Been playing since Open Beta... I think I've played 4 or 5 different Neverwinter games since then with all the "changes" to combat/builds. If I were to take a couple of years away from WoW, STO, or any other mmo's before going back, I am fairly confident…