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  • Good lord I hope not!! Cryptic already killed CoH once and some good fans did a Lazarus on it. Now City of Heroes on the various rogue servers (in particular Homecoming) is what the game should have been while being run by the people that should have been running it originally. Fantastic, truly free and play to win,…
  • Thank you for that information. This helps me understand a few things better. Maybe the scaling isn't as much of an issue as the CA and the 'one star' mobs swarm AI overwhelming a player. I do seem to have the biggest problems with add on mobs and the times my companion or I aggro another group while trying to maneuver out…
  • This is what I have seen in another MMORPG. I don't know how hard it is to implement, but it would make more sense than trying to make a leveling/campaign required instance scaled so that if you cannot get a PUG at the time you play, you can still progress in the game. I just did Ghost Stories today. It is very brutal for…
  • In Ebon Downs there is one house that is insane with the spawns. Thankfully most of the others are not like that. I just recently (since the re-work) got slapped down there. If I remember correctly it is one of the ones closest to entering the 'blue circle' from the mission giver. If that is the same one, I can totally…
  • A truer description of real D&D cannot be said. I have played D&D, both Pen & Paper and PC, since I was a kid a loooong time ago. There was nothing better than playing with friends, finding loot and getting to that next level. Having played Neverwinter Online for less that six months, I would consider myself a newer…