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Neverwinter at night

celticgamer0celticgamer0 Member Posts: 537 Arc User
edited July 2014 in Art and Fiction
As I was in the preview shard with my Warlock I was in the process of the scying quest. This has to be one of the best pictures I have seen.

Anyone else wish to share pics of Neverwinter at night? Foundry pics welcome as well.
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  • iambecks1iambecks1 Member Posts: 4,044 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    I love how the Enclave looks during nighttime , I wish there was a day/night schedule ,it seems such a waste to only activate it during a few short events.
  • reiwulfreiwulf Member Posts: 2,687 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    I think that whenever you enter PE you should get a random hour and weather, untill you leave. Like you enter PE and it's a sunny day, you leave and enter again and it's night, you enter again and it's raining and cloudy, etc.
  • emeraldfox12emeraldfox12 Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Wish neverwinter had a day night cycle as well. that would be so cool to see Neverwinter at night all of the time. Would make for some interesting nighttime roleplay
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