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After this latest patch all my dragon glyphs disappeared, even the two I had in my overload slot.

jana#2651 jana Member Posts: 169 Arc User
I had way over 10, some of them the 10 hour ones, of various dragon glyphs I played in many skirmishes and dungeons to get. The two in my overload slot had at least 6 hours left. I had a lot of my favorites the black dragon glyphs. Just a few minutes ago noticed every last one of them was gone. Looking at the item boxes there were about two and a half rows of them so that is like 24 or more gone. Please developers put them back.


  • jana#2651 jana Member Posts: 169 Arc User
    I was right about the amount, I didn't realize you had changed the appearance so they look like th other ones now.They are all there.
  • ksellksell Member Posts: 25 Arc User
    Anyone members if those alway were double tiered (like minor n major) ?? also diffrence of 300 stat points doesnt seems much
  • forumaccount#7167 forumaccount Member Posts: 135 Arc User
    Yes there were always minor and major ones. The minor ones were rare (blue) and the major ones were epic (purple)
  • greywyndgreywynd Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 6,617 Arc User
    edited August 17
    Lesser and Greater. Lessers were possible from the Siege. Greaters from Shores.
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