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Players Walking Out of Castle Ravenloft, Literally.

Got Castle Ravenloft as my Advanced Dungeon random queue today.

Two people didn't want that one, so they began to ask to be kicked.

When that didn't happen fast enough to their liking, they turned around and just left. It is possible to walk to the exit doors and return to Protector's Enclave, without ever playing the queue. This left three of us in a group, and two others just running around, continuing their day, but also still in the group.

Since one of the folks we lost was our Tank, we were doomed. Even if we kicked and requested reinforcements, it was extremely unlikely that we'd get another tank. The only thing keeping a player to a random queue they don't prefer is the quit penalty. With the ability to just turn and leave, that just doesn't exist.

Personally, I enjoy Castle Ravenloft, but I'm clearly in the minority there. Odds are, with this bug in place, I'll never play it again.


  • methuslah#7626 methuslah Member Posts: 80 Arc User
    This isn't a bug, it's always been this way; people can click on the exit or summon a signpost and teleport out of the dungeon.

    It's not good etiquette doing this, but it happens a lot. If someone doesn't want to do that particular dungeon or they inspected group members and don't like the look of them, rather than take the abandon penalty they ask to be kicked, go AFK or leave the instance until they are kicked. It's easy to see why people do this as the queue system is so messed up and many people still don't understand that having high % in your relevant stats is WAY more important than item level as almost all of the content now scales you item level up/down anyway. The recent debacle with demogorgon being added to the random trial queue really screwed things up and ended up with so many people doing exactly this...
  • chaderickrax#3780 chaderickrax Member Posts: 228 Arc User
    I've definitely run into everything you described, but the "Walking Out of Ravenloft" thing is new to me. Guess I was just lucky before.

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