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March 8 Stream - Q&A Executive Producer Brett Norton



  • maverick809maverick809 Member Posts: 27 Arc User
    1. Bring back pvp with some cool rewards!
    2. Give us better story, more cinematics! This is dungeons and dragons!
    3. Maybe find a way to make all areas or content relevant? Maybe through scaling or gear?
    4. Give us FUN stuff to do! Im end game player and have beat everything. I like training other members but I need more!
    5. Where is that new gear?
    6. Make multiple classing a thing! Give us OPTIONS. More meaningful character and gear choices. Something.
    7. Do something with strong holds. Community is everything in this game and keeps it going. Give guilds something to do. Pull a final fantasy. Burn stuff down to rebuild if you have to.
    8. Just wanted to say as an end game player reapers was a great idea. Non scaled and challenging stuff to do. More stuff like this.
    9. Chests and loot tables need a revamp... most stuff we get is worthless or doesn't sell for anything. As an end game player.
    10. Collars...greater shards. To upgrade these is absolutely insane.
    11. Devs play your Game! Learn and Love your creation and build it!
  • mattachinemattachine Member Posts: 189 Arc User
    One of the biggest selling points for this game and the whole Dungeons & Dragons franshise is the option to make your own adventures. Something you had in this game through the Foundry. This was sadly removed because of lack of documentation and in house know how. When will this extreamly important feature be returned in a new and more documented way so it can be maintained by anyone.
  • xenocide#6577 xenocide Member Posts: 228 Arc User
    Welcome to the team.

    How familiar are you with neverwinter? What do you think are some of the strong points of this game and would you be interested in playing casually with the community?
  • jbt91#7812 jbt91 Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    edited March 2022
    Are there any plans to bring back events such as Portobello's or the Call to Arms event? It would be nice to play these events again, as these events have been absent for a time.
  • johnnystranger#5900 johnnystranger Member Posts: 461 Arc User
    On PS4, when can we expect graphics to be higher than 2 FPS ?
    When are the chests in Dread Ring , week of dragons etc going to be fixed ?
    Are you ever going to add real rewards to dungeons end chests ? Refilling 10 x and having the only thing change is R ad is underwhelming to say the least . If you need crappy rewards in loot system, get rid of the feather clan , fallen stuff etc and replace with reroll tokens , scrolls , genie gift etc .
    When will IC glitch trying to get through doors be fixed ? Spamming button for 5 minutes to proceed is quite annoying
  • johnnystranger#5900 johnnystranger Member Posts: 461 Arc User
    When will the in game screen freeze be addressed on PS4? This was introduced with Mod 22
  • froger#9967 froger Member Posts: 615 Arc User
    What is the future approach to keeping the game engaging for more than a month after new content is released?
    Where do you see the state of the game in 1 - 2- 5- years?
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