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It has been 3 weeks since the golden companions were added and their player bonuses are still useless. Just saw the patch notes and didn't see an announcement that this is getting fixed. But when there was an issue with unintended amount of Knox boxes that can be obtained for free, that issue got fixed quickly, maybe because it would affect your sales.

The more I play this game, the more disgust I feel towards Cryptic. We wanted golden companions so much and hoped that they will make a return to the Zen store because they were crazy overpriced on the auction house. You abused that, decided to make us gamble for them and make the drop chance low. Now on top of that, we can't even use their player bonuses. Is this a joke? Is Cryptic just a group of friends who make games in their garage? I can't think of a more incompetent and uncaring developer right now.

I've never liked this game for its predatory P2W design. I play only because of my friends. I can even hardly call this abomination a game. It is like playing Hide 'n Seek and I pay you to pretend that you don't see me. I understand that paying allows an easier access to more content and you have to earn money somehow but can't you just start paying more attention to what the community wants? You could have sorted the stats of enchanting stones and the campaign currencies more neatly. You could have made the stronghold boons for movement and mount speed switch automatically or just merge them. You could have allowed healers to heal dummies and test their healing output. Of course, that doesn't bring you any profit. Better to add more items to gamble for, without even applying a small fix. Too busy making schemes to empty people's wallets. When we want something, all we get is half-hearted responses like "I will pass it to the team", or "It is fixed but not fixed yet". Yes, you may pass our suggestions to the team, but they probably won't do anything about it. So much lost potential.

The text above is a copy-paste of a topic that isn't shown on the forum anymore. Where did it go? Isn't this the feedback section? Did it hurt your feelings?


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    Yes, I still can't change loadout nor equip the golden pulp's power because I obtain the companion through magnificent mythic pack. Why are those still not given a fix after 3 weeks of long wait? A new unground pass has already been build in my town in 3 weeks. :'(
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    I’ve flagged this issue up in the PS4 Bugs thread too. It would have been nice for there to have been at least a comment in the Nov 30th patch notes to say: “…a fix for the bugged golden companions will be coming soon in a future patch, we apologise for any inconvenience…”!