Not receiving Seals of the Wild

pumpkin#2210 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
I have been receiving seals of the adventurer instead of seals of the wild from the trial queue and advanced dungeon queue on my first dungeon runs of the day.

Customer service said they have received similar reports from other players and recommended submitting a bug report.


  • seekey#7769
    seekey#7769 Member Posts: 124 Arc User
    Did you noticed that the seals changing in queue window? Not criticism, lots of ppl haven't noticed yet. Only click on "join" when you see the desired seal being shown as reward.
  • mintmark
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    Despite what it says when you join the queue, you can still get the other type of seal when you finish. But I have had both types as rewards... could it be which trial or dungeon you get? Or linked to gold/silver reward level? Not sure... still, a new twist on random queue rewards 😀
  • armadeonx
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    It's been reported on other posts that seals of wild are only been awarded on the first run of the week instead of the first of the day.
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  • malakut#1916
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    edited August 2021

    Can confirm that Seals of the Adventurer are being granted instead of the Seals of the Wild that are posted in the RADQ. This was my first RADQ completed this week as well.

    Created In-Game bug ticket 571,936.

    @nitocris83 Please add to weekly dev meeting and mark as urgent? Thanks!
  • soulremove#2623
    soulremove#2623 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I have the same problem not getting Seal of the Wild only getting Seal of the Fallen. Sent in ticket they didn't really do anything just took info and said thank you for the information. Then stated it was resolved. I was getting it till they do changes and then other problems arise. Not sure how to resolve this problem. Did any of you get it fixed?