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We need a VoS HC Ring Set for Tanks & Healers too

archaeus#5222 archaeus Member Posts: 1 Arc User
Basically what the title says.

Its great that we finally got a good set of rings (Air and Darkness) to farm from VoS HC, especially because most gear sets (4 parts) have been removed after mod 5 launch. I was waiting for quite some time for some new set armor/gear to be introduced again, even though not all players will be able to get it.

I've no doubt that it's great for damage dealing roles and worth the effort and time. But from the point of veiw of someone who mainly plays supporting roles (both healing & tanking), I literally see not reason to run VoS HC beyond the first miniboss. Except for farming the equipment I already have and don't need. Simply because the set of air and darkness is designed for DPS only. Means it's useless for me as a tank and/or healer because it's not supporting my role in any way.

Please give our fellow tanks and healers at least one ring set, that is designed for us supports to make our job a bit easier and give us a reason to run the current content. There are already only few players left who play such roles.


  • xaltius#7326 xaltius Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    Cryptic HAMSTER up this one really hard. Someone did over 40 million dmg in one shot thnx to those rings. Gratz. The game has reached a new low. The only way to counter that would be to make that dmg draw no aggro. Pfft. not worth the time to play this bs anymore.
  • mparcher#3106 mparcher Member Posts: 110 Arc User
    These rings are great for healers and tanks. When I host ToMM/ZC, ill take any tank/healer with these rings over those that don't have the rings any day. They are extraordinarily good for support roles.
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