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#481793 - Clockwork Tomb Screen Shake Issue

liciacrettliciacrett Member Posts: 3 Arc User
My guild recently did the instance for the Clockwork Tomb and the effects were nauseating. The entire Clockwork Tomb instance (after The Approach) was constantly shaking from the moment we entered. Easily 80-90% of the time the screen was shaking, and for every person in our group.

There were some brief sections where it would stop, but if we turned around to look back the way we came, it would shake again. It seemed like there was an area around the entrance that if we faced it or were inside it the screen shake would activate. If we were in a clear area and looked away from the entrance was the only time it stopped. It made a few of us sick and we barely finished the instance.

I've done this quest before (a loooong time ago), and I was pretty sure it's only supposed to shake when a lever is used. It seems like the trigger for the effect got changed somehow?

Some video research:
This video is from Dec 22, 2020: Here
And another from Dec 10, 2020: Here
I set the start times on both videos to the same place the shaking began for my group. As you can see in these older videos, the screen shake is only appearing when they use a lever. Now these are the most recent videos I could find, and they are both before the big Combat Rework in February, so it's possible the glitch was started then.

I grabbed another character (along with one of the same guildmates from the first time) to retry the instance and we both ran into the exact same issue. I recorded it for you Here. The instance with the screen shake issue starts around 3:55. We deliberately left partway through the instance, as once you complete the quest you can't reenter the instance. That way, we can do further testing if needed.

Repro Steps:
1) Have the quest to enter the Clockwork Tomb instance (called Clockwork Guild Tomb)
2) Enter the instance and fight through the Approach section
3) Screen begins shaking as soon as you enter the second instance
4) If you follow along the quest path, the shaking will stop when you reach the room with the standing clock in the center, surrounding by railed off walkways
5) If you look back towards or move closer to the entrance, the screen will start to shake again

Additional Info: Our first run was a group of five people (not recorded): myself a paladin, and my guild mates a barbarian, a rogue, a ranger, and a warlock. Second run through (recorded) was with my warrior and my guildmate on his paladin.

I submitted a ticket (#481793) through the in-game system and was instructed to post here about the issue.

P.S. I did post this thread earlier, but I guess I edited it too many times so it got removed? :/


  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 3,790 Community Manager
    Thanks for the info and details! I'll pass this on for investigation.
  • liciacrettliciacrett Member Posts: 3 Arc User

    Thanks for the info and details! I'll pass this on for investigation.

    Thank you! I hope you folks can figure it out :)
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