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Ranger Roots and ACBs

mikewho#5331 mikewho Member Posts: 242 Arc User
So the Hunter is in a decent spot I think now. There’s a couple of things I was curious about. When a Hunter applies roots to Targets, the roots will not proc the atwill bonus dmg from the ACB panthers instincts, Roots also won’t proc the held bonus of the paranoid delusion ACB,,,Could those be fixed so a Rangers roots actually proc those when the combat changes go live?
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  • yoshiicapone#2520 yoshiicapone Member Posts: 26 Arc User
    Good questions...this seems like a good idea to look into...Devs, any thoughts?
  • mikewho#5331 mikewho Member Posts: 242 Arc User
    Oh yeah and the kobolds ACB
  • chindogu#8958 chindogu Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    I'm commenting here in the hope that this actually gets some attention - this is an issue that is definitely affecting more than just a couple of us Ranger folks.
    I'm "agreeing" and "liking" and all the other stuff so this gets bumped.

    Panther's Instincts:
    Equip power: "Increases the power of your At-Will attacks against Rooted targets by 11%"

    Please devs either fix this so that the power actually does apply to a ranger rooting a target or change the description to state that it only applies to Tanks, which apparently is the case.

    It's kind of unfair that a ranger might take this green companion up to mythic based on that description only to find out it is completely worthless.
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