Unable to complete campaign

celticgamer0 Member Posts: 537 Arc User
I recently bought the Well of Dragons campaign completion and collected everything to finish it except the Assist the Harpers. When I try to collect the reward it states; "You may only have one unique item. Failed to collect rewards for "Assist the Harpers". Make sure you have room in your inventory." I have several empty bags, thus plenty of room in my inventory, yet it will not allow me to complete the campaign. Every other reward was able to be collected, however.


  • nitocris83
    nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,300 Community Manager
    Have you submitted a ticket to support?
  • autumnwitch
    autumnwitch Member Posts: 1,018 Arc User
    I get this message if I use a buyout token and have already collected the reward before using the token.

    For example, In EE if you have any of the gear you collect for completing campaign tasks it won't let you collect another one and results in the above message.
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  • zebulondaktoid
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    Assuming you don't have anything in your overflow bag, did you check that you had room in your useful items inventory? I have no idea why, but I have been unable to collect certain rewards after doing an event where that has been filled with event reward until I either spent them or deleted some of them.