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suggestions for crafting/workshop improvements

vigor#8801 vigor Member Posts: 196 Arc User
edited February 2019 in General Discussion (PC)
There are a lot of suggestions here. Most of them are simple changes. I have ideas for making crafting more interesting, but for now I will stick to these simple things which I can see no reason the devs wouldn't do just to improve their own product.

(suggestions are in no particular order besides the order I thought of them and wrote them down)

1. -crafting window navagation- Could the game "remember" what window you are on for each char? Currently it does for the account, but even that is bugged because it shows an error message saying there are no crafting tasks that fit that description on the profession window you were last on. I.e. I was last on armorsmithing and now it says there are no possible armorsmithing tasks. To see my armorsmithing tasks, I have to move to jewelcrafting or something, then back to armorsmithing, then to the level task I want.

I would say there should be 2 stored pieces of information. 1. whatever profession you were on last (and that should include whatever artisan/tool was selected last) and 2. what level tasks you were looking at. (currently, if you are looking at armorsmithing 60-70 and navigate to jewelcrafting, it shows you jewelcrafting 1-10. Normally, if you are working on making a level 60-70 item it will require level 60-70 materials so if I go to jewelcrafting to make, say, a gold ingot I need for another profession's task, this change would make me go right to the set of 60-70 tasks I am likely to want.

2. Could the quantity of an item you have be shown in its task setting screen. i.e. if i want to make a black opal, I would like to see the number of them I already have without navigating to another task that uses them. In the case of a black opal, it is easy enough to look at "black opal choker" which is beside it. It is not always that easy. I see no good reason why it shouldn't be easier. This should also apply to the gathering screen. There this would be a big deal because it would save you from walking across the room to the crafting table.

3. Could "current orders" be modified to show the blend of ingredients. i.e. if I am running low on drake leather +1 and I want to allocate a 2nd artisan to the same task, I would like to see the current crafter's blend without canceling his task and making the appropriate blend to both tasks. If the current crafter is using all drake leather +1 I might want to cancel him so he doesn't abruptly stop working. If he is using all common drake leather I might make the 2nd crafter use 2 common and 1 +1.

4. gold is not refunded when a task is cancelled. This could be a deliberate design, but it causes me to lose gold when I click the "finish now" with morale button then stop the task so I can change to a different task.

5. could morale orders be made the same way time orders are made? i.e. do 10 orders at once or as many as possible rather than clicking craft and accepting the item 10 times. I am not trying to trick you. I want this for crafting gold with morale or leveling low level stuff or crafting items I intend to sell for commission. Currently, I hardly ever use my morale because it takes MY time. If you did this I wouldn't care about the gold loss in #4.

6. please allow crafting materials and tools to be protected in inventory. Most importantly, I don't want to accidentally sell my needed tools for commission on accident. But I could also accidentally sell my black ink I need for making artificing stuff or potions or supplements. Then if I try to use those items for a crafting task I should get a warning that they are protected so I don't use something I am saving for masterwork or something.

7. can the crafting window be made to be resizable? Sometimes I want to have another window open and viewable at the same time. Sometimes I just want to line it up so that 2 buttons from different windows are near one another or in the same place (i.e. the button to accept an item after I have crafted it with morale)

8. SORTING. I asked for this a long time ago. Can there be a sorting algorithm for crafting materials and tools? Sort does something now. It just makes a big mess. What I want is options. I.e. I want to sort by material. All of the wood in one place, ascending or decending in quality. all of the ore in one place, ingots, stone, raw gems etc. Then I would also like to be able to make a different row or column for each type of material. I would like sinews separated from horns, but they could share the same row or column. It should also allow you to choose where you want the open space. i.e. top, bottom, left, right, or wrap. Wrap would put the open space between groups of items, i.e. (3x empty space) all leather (3x empty space) all produce (berries, leaves) (3x empty space) etc. I would also like to be able to set certain items/slots to not be sorted. i.e. something I craft to sell I might want to be at the top, apart from the sorted materials. If I move all of those items to the AH, I want them to appear again in that same slot so I know where they are without looking.

9. PROFESSION STOCK. I would like to be able to see the stock (sorted) of all items used by a profession in the professin screen. I.e. if I am working on jewelcrafting, I would like to see all jewelcrafting materials or materials used by jewelcrafting in the jewelcrafting profession screen. I would also like to be able to manipulate those items from the jewelcrafting screen. (for instance dragging oak lumber to the AH screen or the mailbox) The mailbox would need to be able to be activated from the profession's screen (VIP summoned mailbox) to be usable at the same time as the prof screen.

10. MORE CRAFTING MATERIALS INVENTORY. There simply isn't room for everything. MW stuff, Chult stuff, 2 kinds of every kind of Workshop stuff, the old materials that events keep giving us, event crafting stuff, Black Ice stuff, weapon restoration stuff. It doesn't all fit. Even if you had 1 space for every possible item there are times when you need multiple stacks of certain things. I am currently getting around this problem by moving all of some things to another character. Lots of times I don't even know what stuff is but I am afraid to get rid of it or don't know how to get rid of it.

11. Could we view professions tasks by character class. I.e. I want to see all usable items for CW or all items for OP. Sorted by level of course, player level, not crafting level. And last I checked there were no items for certain levels of certain classes. i.e. there might not be a level 32 set of pants for GF. (this is an issue I rant into months ago, perhaps it is fixed now or maybe I was looking in the wrong place)

12. This last suggestion is not really crafting, but it effects crafting. When I use inventory and am on the crafting tab, i might see the materials or I might see the toolbox. The problem is, it is bizarre. I feel like when I click the crafting tab it knows which one I want selected (toolbox or materials) and navigates to the other. Why can't it just be on whichever it was on last? (that isn't how it is). Or better yet, why not just give inventory a tab for toolbox AND materials. Each one could have their own tab! (sorry, but the current interface frustrates me)


  • dfsirius22#7509 dfsirius22 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Can we please get some conversation going for this one? It is a really good set of quality of life changes that can be implemented for workshop. A lot of people are giving up on workshop because it is not that fun anymore. This could definitely help improve those mindset. It would also be a huge help for all the loyal crafters who have stuck back and are willing to stay with crafting in the game. Honestly, this is not specific to any platform and there is not going to be any negative impact in case any of these changes are implemented.
  • grogthemagnifgrogthemagnif Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,611 Arc User
    Scale the end products so that they cost less than the standard cost to make them.

    If an Uncommon item pays a flat rate of 10sp 13cp and the standard cost to make it is 15sp, then that item is priced out of range, the same thing with a Rare item pays 34sp 18cp and cost more to make or an Epic item that costs more than 1gp 60sp to make.
  • grogthemagnifgrogthemagnif Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,611 Arc User
    Do the same for masterworks Epic and Legendary items (such as the Gilt edged Ledger which pays a WHOPPING 8cp and costs many Gold Pieces to make.
  • greywyndgreywynd Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 6,226 Arc User
    The items like the Ledger is a one-time thing that you make to advance the Masterwork quests with the Artisan. Not something you make to make money off of.
    I'm not looking for forgiveness, and I'm way past asking permission. Earth just lost her best defender, so we're here to fight. And if you want to stand in our way, we'll fight you too.
  • astrotiger5astrotiger5 Member Posts: 157 Arc User
    Neverwinter (Faerun/Toril) is a magical land... Professions are not! To fix this, let me purpose an magical ingredient to been add to potion/stuff, "Fairy Dust'.
    As stated before, Neverwinter is magical land with magic in earth, creature, and (well) water (and so on). To get "fairy dust", the artisan will need to scrape "salt" of an alembic after boiling off well water.... to "favor" various potion (etc.). (The reason why "Fairy Dust", Fairy sweat, once dry, will help to fly and do magic)!
  • sandukutupusandukutupu Member Posts: 2,273 Arc User
    Well Julia did announce this already... according to the Road Map, professions get updated in October and then Mastercrafting in April. Today is their Twitch Live Stream where they will be doing Q&A with the players. This happens in about 5 hours from now.
  • mentinmindmakermentinmindmaker Member Posts: 1,264 Arc User
    edited August 2020

    according to the Road Map, professions get updated in October

    And it is sort of pointless discussing professions until we see what changes we get. We might even get a very complex and challenging 'combat style' crafting like in old Vanguard, anyone remember that?

  • grogthemagnifgrogthemagnif Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,611 Arc User
    1. Upgrade the material bag with an additional 80 slots to make up for all the different Relic Items in the material Bag
    2. Add an additional Gatherer Slot
    3. Add 2 Additional Artisan slots
    4. Allow items that stack in the materials bag to stack in the Delivery Boxes
    5. Add a 5th level that concentrates on supplying the Strongholds with Weapons and Armors with a buyer similar to the South Seas Market
    6. Add Legendary Artisans (1-2 per Craft) into the Mix
    7. Make the Legendary better in all ways to other Artisans
    8. Allow 60-70 Artisans at Level 5 to take advantage of the "Worthy" Artisans
  • grogthemagnifgrogthemagnif Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,611 Arc User

    according to the Road Map, professions get updated in October

    And it is sort of pointless discussing professions until we see what changes we get. We might even get a very complex and challenging 'combat style' crafting like in old Vanguard, anyone remember that?

    The point is to set standards for the Developers to work from.
  • exgardianexgardian Member Posts: 253 Arc User
    edited August 2020
    Solution is simple:

    1: Update all the Masterwork V weapons to ther same IL from Celestial weapons
    2: Increase their % values to 3% (up from 2%)
  • sandukutupusandukutupu Member Posts: 2,273 Arc User

    according to the Road Map, professions get updated in October

    And it is sort of pointless discussing professions until we see what changes we get. We might even get a very complex and challenging 'combat style' crafting like in old Vanguard, anyone remember that?

    The point is to set standards for the Developers to work from.
    Kind of late for it, by the time they announce anything they plan to change, it is set in stone. They have meetings and discuss the changes, at best present the changes to a beta team of players, and implement the changes they decide is best for the game. Chris Whiteside wanted to include the players by making the CDP, but that is for planning stuff way out in the future. They will rummage through it, pull out ideas from that thread, and again they will decide on what they think is best. Everything on that Road Map is sorted in their minds for the next 12 months. Changes to professions is listed in October, nothing left but bug fixes will remain. Mastercrafting is set to drop in April, while you may have some time to influence some minor alterations, everything is being worked on to release in "as is" condition.
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