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State of healing from the point of view of normal mmos



  • nooneatzanooneatza Member Posts: 173 Arc User
    Oh no, someone has made a well written post explaining why neverwinter was a clown fiesta game and how devs are trying to make it a normal mmo. OH NO, he also said the players should actually adapt to the changes instead of spending half their time crying on the forums O_O
    Guys, we can't allow this !!! LOGIC ISN'T ALLOWED IN THESE PARTS !!

    Joking aside, this is one of those threads that give me hope in this community. It's not too hard to adapt to the healing changes.
  • jefinho380jefinho380 Member Posts: 25 Arc User
    edited July 2020
    Healing is just not fun anymore. It just feels weak, bugged af and tedious. It doesn't matter what was the balancing or profit excuse they used to do that (and we'll never know, since they don't give a fvck if we liked the changes or not). In practice It feels horrible.

    I ran a CoDG last night with a "ToMM-level" OP heal and it was just depressing to watch. Everything on her gear at rank 15, lionheart weapons, BiS itens and still couldn't squeeze more than 10-15% heal on people, let alone any shield.
  • finmakinfinmakin Member Posts: 389 Arc User
    edited July 2020

    The DPS running ahead and aggroing before tank is so dysfunctional in this game.
    I the Pally have to keep my aggro skills back, until the DPS are done trying to tank with their faces.

    I just let them die and dance on their corpses, without getting the mobs off them and without ress..
    Just to teach them a lesson

    Ogguk Sanctus… Justicar Paladin
    Puny Tank

    Guildleader of NWLC Alpha
  • ananxiousnoob#0947 ananxiousnoob Member Posts: 37 Arc User
    @dolrey There is a vast chasm between those who play in a ‘team’ and are used to communicating with one another and those who play solo in random queues. On PS4 communication is almost non existent ( due in large part to there being a fault on ingame player chat )

    There is a vast chasm between playing with players who are fully geared with the best enchants, with BIS companions etc etc and those who do not have these things

    There is a vast chasm between playing with experienced people who know what they are doing and those who are still learning the game. If, as a healer, you are voted out of a dungeon because your heals are not keeping others alive (whether it is your fault or theirs, it’s always the healers or tanks fault in their eyes ) how do you learn not to make mistakes and moreover how do they.

    This is a GAME and it is meant to be fun. I was having a fun experience keeping people alive, the randoms I played with were having a fun experience being kept alive. NW was not just another MMO. If I had wanted a different experience I would have gone and played an MMO which contained all the balance of classes that typical MMOs contain.. Not everything has to be the same. Of course we can all learn to adapt, I did eventually after mod 16, but the question is if the game becomes a stressful chore and it is no longer the game we loved do we want to.

    Some people will stay and make the best of things, others like me will leave. It is not the end of NW but it is the end of the game that I enjoyed so it is the end for me. I do, however, wish you enjoyment in the game but I will move on whilst continuing to advocate in the forums for the game I used to love.

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