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Lag, infrastructure upgrades and upcoming event concern

hexngone#5489 hexngone Posts: 76Member Arc User
This past week I've been experiencing excessive lag in the workshop. Notably rubber-banding as I walk from the Delivery Box to the Workbench on all my characters. Every day, every hour over a 20 hour period. Each character is active for about 3 min to empty box and requeue the stopped artisan (waiting for the 'press F' prompt often takes longer that the actual 'work' done by the character).

I realize that there is a maintenance event scheduled for Sept 24-26 where I am hoping performance issues will be addressed at the infrastructure level.

My concern/caution also is the upcoming Liars event where the PE instance will not only be full of players looking for pumpkins, but will also have more eye-candy in the environment all of which adds to server load. The workshop seems to be an extension of the PE instance load, so (at least last year) that should make things worse in the workshop.

I'm hoping for a reassurance that planners have anticipated these issues and are indeed upgrading infrastructure to accommodate the expected load.


  • lothandra#7239 lothandra Posts: 6Member Arc User
    Oct 9th Rubberbanding as bad as ever. This stuff is so recurrent. In the past the team reassured and compensated for losses and were helpful, the past couple years the Support is horrendous. They won't fix problems/ losses they cause They lie saying they aren't able now, when in the past they use to do it when the need occured. They value less and less take more and more from us and let us, with all we invested, just take the lumps, no help. They say to me, we politely decline to help after they tell me it is a known issue about my losses and their fault. They put the wrong prices A.D. on things I bought in the past and I got charged more, they said, sorry, nothing we can do... They take away good sales in the golden tickets and they think with all the bugs people are going to say no problem, don't comp me when I lose what I paid for and worked for, don't comp when we are rubberbanded and lose all kinds of time and things in game, please take away more deals in the process and treat me as though I am not valuable & don't help me in customer service except to give advice. Apparently virtual items and currency are more valuable than our hard earned money and time invested and our feedback. They wonder what the decline is with thousands of games out/ coming out that value the backbone of the games.... "the gamers." When the gamers all leave for a better experience and guarantee to be treated fairly, just fairly, what will you do then... I see a for sale sign in the near future and a future without companies that treat you like they are doing You a favor to play their game.
  • lothandra#7239 lothandra Posts: 6Member Arc User
    Without our money, support and feedback you wouldn't have a company. Value the gamers, investors and those who give their time to improve, spread the word and keep the games alive or it will be no surprise when your reputation precedes you with every game you try to put out.
  • lothandra#7239 lothandra Posts: 6Member Arc User
    edited October 9
    Did you read Hexngone's comment above about "Hoping for Reassurance"????
    Answer the Gamer/Investor.
    Stop ignoring the investors... stop saying you're too busy to hire someone to answer some questions.
    Stop ignoring us, and let us know what is going on ; start helping us and making up for our losses.
    We have all invested a lot. You want our help and loyalty? Our money? Then include us and keep us informed.
  • greywyndgreywynd Posts: 4,175Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Reboot your computer.

    Reboot your router.
    Better to be a white knight than a knight with no honor.

    With your shield or on it.
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