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cant find quests in wyllowwood after i turned 80

balaan44balaan44 Member Posts: 6 Arc User
i had got to wyllowood, turnhed in the first quest and then ....nothing. i cant find any quests in undermountain to do, none of the NPCs talk to me and i cant get anything done there, anyone have any ideas?


  • rickcase276rickcase276 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,404 Arc User
    Did you complete the campaign task in the campaign window after turning in the expedition quest?
  • starcr0ssedstarcr0ssed Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Not to necro this thread, but I am also at a loss as to how to proceed in Wyllowood. It started out fine, I did a couple of quests for the NPC at the cavern entrance. The third quest in, I can't recall the name, but it was to light signal fires and 'make my way further into the cave.' I got all the fires done and the quest just disappeared. Went to turn it in and nothing. What the !?#[email protected]!?

    And yes, I am as far along in campaign tasks as possible. To advance with the campaign itself I need to do some quest about a dragon's lair (I'm assuming there's one down there and kind of jazzed about seeing it soon). Any advice? Cheers.
  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,492 Arc User
    Next quest starts where you lit the last fire. You never get sent back to the original quest giver.
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  • kingkevin#3240 kingkevin Member Posts: 69 Arc User
    After setting fires, by the last one theirs a wounded soldier.
    Talk to him or her and they’ll give you the next quest(they are hidden in some trees/bush bellow the third fire to light
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