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Ebonized Scalemail

The chest piece that can drop from Master expeditions is bugged. Though I can easily get the butchers guard stacked up to 10, it does not give any additional power at all per stack. Please fix as this is a great item. Ty


  • douglasopferbeckdouglasopferbeck Member Posts: 70 Arc User
    Got the ebonized robes today with the same butchers guard perk and it does not give any power with its stacks either. The problem is definitely butchers guard. Please fix, Thank you for your time.
  • mongol69mongol69 Member Posts: 407 Arc User
    edited July 2019
    Check your defense stat when you try procing it. I've noticed my defence goes up instead. I think they may have confused which stat to increase.
  • mongol69mongol69 Member Posts: 407 Arc User
    On the bright side undermountain atms give 5% power now.
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