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[PC] Temporarily removing Tiamat & Demo from queue



  • arcanjo86arcanjo86 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,093 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    @mimicking#6533 the scaling on player need to be a level scale down + power stat rating scaled down+ weapon min and max damage scaled down, as for zone maps/dungeons/skirmish/trials and also pvp, apply a max stats rating cap on each zone based on critters low and high ratings that will be applied to players that got leveled down, apply caps to how much armor penetration player need to ignore critters defense on that zone, how much accuracy to ignore critters deflect, how much combat advantage to counter critters awareness and how much to reach 100% combat advantage on those areas(or even give player same combat advantage as the critter on those areas, challenge option), how much critical strike to apply the 50% critical chance(or even give player same cap for critical chance the critters have on those areas, challenge option), how much defense to counter critters armor penetration/reduce incoming damage(maybe a 5%(3%) over for dps classes/10%(8%) over for tanks and healers, how much deflect to counter critters( this one need to be low we need critter to hit us to make potions/heals relevant), awareness to counter critter combat advantage need to be 5%(3%) over for dps 10(8%) for tanks and healers, critical avoidance 10%(8%) higher to not overwhelm the player and getting one shot, this is how the system should be working like, this way you decide how the zone can be challenging also these caps need to be on un-buffed critters, if they have buffing abilities or passives( idea: Iron golems have an extra 5% defense passive) just adds more to challenge, like i noticed some runic specters have a debuff that stacks 3 times -6% defense on player thats -18k def nice challnege for player, also notice some specters use a smoke animation but stand still but no deflect buff/partial stealth on them,

    also @mimic tiamant in random queue when some player were leaving the next players coming to party were not being party set as 1 tank 1 healer 3 dps, basicly we need a system that if at least 1 old party member stays inside rest of the party need to meet the 1 tank 1 healer 3 dps standards, i was the one last standing from previous party and my party was filled up with a a total of 5 dps including me thats why the random queue for tiamant trial needs different sysyem.
  • arcanjo86arcanjo86 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,093 Arc User

    What is the point of having double AD and double campaign currency when the best trial for farming AD and faerzress isnt going to be available? I have over 20 demonic keys prepared for this.....

    CN can be done for underdark currency and 2 chest and for linus favor from tiamant you can do the donation quest for 2 linus, do heralds on wod for coffers and donate also killing mobs drops coffers.
  • kinamara#3934 kinamara Member Posts: 108 Arc User
    arcanjo86 said:

    What is the point of having double AD and double campaign currency when the best trial for farming AD and faerzress isnt going to be available? I have over 20 demonic keys prepared for this.....

    CN can be done for underdark currency and 2 chest and for linus favor from tiamant you can do the donation quest for 2 linus, do heralds on wod for coffers and donate also killing mobs drops coffers.
    Do not forget this weekend is also the we are sorry about the HAMSTER we gave you so have x2RAD for the weekend...... before the big fix it patch demo was quite viable for farming rad, now the patch right before x2 rad the best rad farm is completely broken to the point of being removed. Tiamat would have been another go to for x2 rad for people with keys for that chest as well before mod 16 broke it and now had to remove it. Quite a few other dungeons in the queues have major problems as well. So basically the x2 RAD is now much worse than it should be because the dungeons that can be done are much slower than the ones people want to do for rad. It is easy to say oh who cares just do this different dungeon its fine.... also your tiamat replacement does not get you an RAD...

    Making up excuses for the company is never a good idea if to many do it the company starts to feel less pressure to deliver good products since it assumes their customers will just find excuses and go on playing other stuff in the game instead. We need to demand that they deliver what they promise when the promise. That is how every other business/customer relations works and when companies fail to deliver they usually end up losing out on tons of money and sometimes failing because in the non-gaming world of business customers will just move right on to someone else that is able to deliver on their promises. Cryptic promised us a great mod with changes that would make stuff more difficult but just as enjoyable if not more so, instead they deliver a bug filled to the point of making a good deal flat out unplayable. But quickly start patching away but each patch seemed to cause different problems (or more likely just allowed the players to advance to the next bug they did not know about yet because no one had gotten there (this completely points to Cryptic not testing their content before shoving it to us on live). They we get this special Q&A with the lead designer in which promises made to give the players free stuff and double RAD weekend to make up for the sad product they delivered us these would come with the big patch they was going to fix scaling and the broken dungeons, but it caused even more problems and broke dungeons that were working in the case of demo which was quite doable before the patch to being flat out impossible. (once again it makes you figure no testing again how could it have been how could something be tested and then released if it completely breaks something? in fact if it was tested that would almost be worse than if it was not as then they just do not even care at all that it broke it.. But yeah again more promises completely broken. So yeah no apologies and yeah nice sale you have going on but why would I support a company that fails to deliver what it promises?

    Seriously if you are not testing your "fixes" before putting them live start testing to make sure they work and do not break other things, stop treating a live game server like a server that is around to test your HAMSTER for free for you. we are customers not employees, and further more your in game customer support, either just get rid of it or give them some sort of power to do something other then say sorry nothing we can do even though you got screwed by bugs in the game and had your time and in game resources wasted. thanks for understanding..... yeah no not a satisfactory conclusion at all.

    Test your products, and not just the newest dungeon and areas especially with sweeping game changes. You made changes to every part of the game so you need to test every part of the game as well and not just assume well the new area works so all must work. Do not even set a release date until after all your testing and fixing is done. That way you do not feel obligated to releases that product unfinished. Simple as that.

    I will not make excuses for a company to make myself feel like their failures are alright and acceptable. You want me to start spending again? good luck rebuilding the trust, all it will take is completely fixing this mod and the next two mods better live up to any promises you make in them (though honestly by then I will likely be playing something new anyway if you can not fix this train wreck very quickly.
  • mebengalsfan#9264 mebengalsfan Member Posts: 3,169 Arc User
    dupeks said:

    adinosii said:

    what I would love to see: "We will be hosting a full day lifestream shoving the developers playing all the content they have been busy fixing".

    Let's not pull them away from the long list they're working on.

    How about the QA department live-stream their play-throughs (and bug write-ups)?
    Most QA teams now in technology use automated tools to streamline and increase productivity; problem is unique and small item are often ignore. In fact, it feels as if the QA team didn't even do any type of regression testing after the devs implemented scaling; it was originally that bad. I mean QA should be checking these defects and providing it back to the development team so they can resolve the issues and continue with other coding activities the devs have planned.

    The issue I see is that the more time the devs spend fixing things the longer it will take to get the next module out. Since the game is not going to roll back mod 15 code than we should expect no mod 17 until much later this year. I'm guess around or after October as there is probably more than enough work to keep the development team busy with vacation schedules and all, between now and the middle of the summer. Which would be about when I believe they may finally have time to start coding the next mod. The problem is even with this time towards fixing bugs, not all will be fixed as they have a schedule to stick to and move towards. They may include some additional fix with the next mod but that is just how it will go.

    I know where I work if there were this many bug deployment would be pushed back 1-2 months if not further depending upon staffing, number of issues, etc... I was not surprised they moved forward with their code even though there was enough evidence to push back the deployment date. And now they are scrambling to resolve many of the issues that a delayed deployment would have given them the time to resolve.

    Management decision to move forward is why the game is in its current state. Whoever gave that green light IMO should be put on notice and move on from that employee. They failed the game community and allow such a mess to go live. Or if that has not been done, that employee should step up, apologize for their decision and if they can code sit down and help the devs.

    But it is what it is. I just hope that cryptic is smart enough to continue to push back on console deployment until they get as many bugs fixed as they can on PC before they release mod 16 on console. If the console launch is buggy at all there will be a greater financial loss for Cryptic than what they already experience on PC.

    I feel for all of you PC players as console players are not in your situation and can fly through content ATM and earn double RAD with this event up. It is making it easier for console players to stack up on RAD this weekend.

  • wemerywemery Member Posts: 190 Arc User
  • honeya#3882 honeya Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    Thank you for playing suffering Neverwinter :#
  • zebulondaktoidzebulondaktoid Member Posts: 87 Arc User
    Wow, so much vitriol on here I should get my alchemists in to pick some up.
  • darkheart#6758 darkheart Member Posts: 274 Arc User
    And what's funny as well, for console players: Tales of Old is screwed up on both xbox and ps4.

    If a person disconnects, put back in PE ( oh yeah, that was supposed to be fixed with the last Tales and wasn't) and also nobody getting and keeping Trinkets. They just disappear.

    Great job Cryptic.
  • ironweb#6588 ironweb Member Posts: 15 Arc User
    All I know is, this new patch had better add SoMI style fishing to Undermountain or I am so gone!!

    Seriously though, the former wait & see'ers like me, are getting to see a lot with this cobbled up mess....wow. Nice job.
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