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Mod 16 : problem with aggro

hello everyone from the way I wrote at the beginning of the post I have big problems with aggro and with helping in the survival of the party on the server preview: let me explain myself better. Last night I and my friends from guild did Tong (it was me, an op, a cw, a dc and two gwf) .... a torture .... during the mobbing the mob happened that I didn't keep them, and to boss let it go, orcus who turned and shook others, ditto withers a shot and the others who died. The cleric who, when he treated me, was aggro ... how can I solve? Especially to the bosses, if we don't have the debuffs and the various resistances to launch, and the dailies we pull every 100 years how others can survive?

during mobbing I used: burnibg light, binding oath and templars wrath

on bosses: sacred weapon, binding oath and relentless avenger

as aure I used aura of wrath / aura of valor and ine retribuition

Thank you, also for the mere viewing of the post


  • fultz1488fultz1488 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Your mob powers are good but try running templars wrath, vow, and bane on bosses. Also run aura of courage and aura of wisdom. i never change my aura's unless you are trying to do more personal damage. By the way Orcus in T9 always turns away some.
  • fultz1488fultz1488 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Sorry didn't see the Mod 16, so disregard what i said. i haven't played Mod 16 yet.
  • kilithedwarf80#4672 kilithedwarf80 Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    Don't worry, thanks for the answer
  • obsidiancran3obsidiancran3 Member Posts: 1,823 Arc User
    1) ToNG is broken at the moment, Withers in particular.

    Better to learn the mechanics in easier content. :)

    2) Ways of getting aggro:

    Oath Strike - its an AoE at-will that gives you aggro. Run it.
    Sacred Weapon - 10s of increased threat, should be feated for even more threat.
    Templar's Wrath - ?? duration increased threat. Costs Divinity.
    Divine Champion + Intimidating Presence Feat - costs divinity.

    Special mention: Vow of Enmity. This power puts you at the top of the threat list for all affected targets, however, this is not the same as generating threat. After using this you must use something else to sustain threat.

    Special Mention 2: Aura of Valor, reduces the threat of allies near you by 5%.

    Special Mention 3: Divine Challenger, makes smite work like Vow of Enmity for the target of smite. So useful on solo bosses.

    3) Set ups I have used:

    Always run Oath Strike, run Aura of Vengeance and Divine Retribution/Composure

    Sacred Weapon + Vow + Burning Light/Binding Oath and Divine Champion.

    Sacred weapon makes Vow give both priority and threat. Binding Oath/Burning Light (feated) combo with Sacred Weapon to give more threat. Divine Challenger doubles the effect of Vengeance. This combo only works if your party is able to kill things fast enough due to the long cool down on Sacred Weapon and Vow.

    Sacred Weapon + Templar's Wrath + Burning Light/Binding Oath.
    Avoid Divine Champion.

    Less vulnerable to cool down issues, as only Sacred Weapon has a long one, but need to not get too excited with Templar's Wrath.

    Relentless + Binding + Burning + Divine Champion (Intimidating Presence)


    Single Target aside from any of the above, swap in Divine Challenger for Retribution/Composure

    Relentless + Smite + Binding/Burning

    I got stuck in Tales of the Old final boss with this rotation...then ended up having to kite all the adds, because I had the vast majority of the aggro....

    4) Focused Retaliation and a companion benefit like Conartist's Discipline are helpful as well, proccing damage while blocking (Retaliation) or for Criting (Conartist's) helps you keep putting aggro out because all your damage gives you aggro.
    Obsidian Moonlight - Paladin
    Obsidian Oath - Warlock
    A whole lot of other Obsidian toons as well.
  • kilithedwarf80#4672 kilithedwarf80 Member Posts: 19 Arc User

    thank you, you were kind =)
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