Tales of Old Event Disconnect Issue

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If you get disconectted during the dungeon, when you log back in you spawn at protectors enclave and you can't go inside the dungeon again.


  • azanik
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    This happened to me as well. Disconnected out of nowhere too.
  • smoochiewallace#9172
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    It happened to me too
  • ashdragonspue
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    Had a disconnect in E DEMO. Finished last boss, no reward, no chests. Pissed me off for the last time. Ill sell my toon, HAMSTER happens every week with new updates. Waste of time -done
  • dread4moor
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    I am Took.
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  • ghoulz66
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    Hopefully they extend this by 100 days. Cause that's how long it takes to fix anything around here....
  • duvaindess
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    the event will be running again in the future. I hope they allow you to re-enter after disconnect. I am ok with Grinding the event, but I don't like to lose because they don't allow us to re-enter after disconnection.
  • bigman99#8273
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    Can we please get an answer on this @nitocris83. Did a 5 run with a good group today and on our 4th run our CW died just before the final blow on boss. The game immediately went to cutscene and back to the loading area for 5th run. Our CW was still dead, when they released the game put them back into the dungeon by themself (the one we had just completed). With no other way out, the person relogged to try and get back to us. However the game would not let them. We completed the 5th run with this person in the group but not in the instance. When finished, the rest of us got full coins and this person did not, through no fault of their own. Please let us know if this is WAI or should the CW contact CS?
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    Not to be salty or anything but this is just sad....

    Release Notes for Wed 27 Feb 2019 03:09:46 PM PST

    Content and Environment


    Players will no longer be placed in Protector’s Enclave when they are disconnected during a Hunt or in a Tales of Old dungeon.
  • kozi001
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    edited April 2019
    Same here! Bug still exist! Happened today. Its enough to ruin someones day. :(
    Very annoying!

    Got three disconnects from random people in my party in the last two days.
    Very hard to farm(almost unfarmable) this event with multiple characters! :(

    Edit: 5 disconnect from pugs in 3 days. Joke...
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  • bigman99#8273
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    4 times today....4 times today someone got dc'd because of the lag or no server response and the run could not continue, and that is my personal experience TODAY. You need to take a serious look at this problem! How are people supposed to complete a single event threshold when most get derailed after 2-3 runs because someone got kicked from the server. 4 times today....
  • dread4moor
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    Reported this same bug during preview playtesting:

    Soooo... maybe that is WAI?
    Disconnect spoiling your whole multi-run is part of the difficulty?
    I am Took.
    "Full plate and packing steel" in NW since 2013.
  • nitocris83
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    The issue was resolved as per the patch notes but we are looking at any new reports to determine any different source/cause.
  • bigman99#8273
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    They have not been resolved. They are still occuring, as of the time on this post, they are still occuring. How in the world are we supposed to complete these things when d/c's kick you back to PE( on ANY random run) and the lag reminds one of the old 56.6k dial-up modem connections.The issues are NOT resolved.