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Hello everyone, a friend of mine gf has the following problem: it is hard to keep the aggro for example Ras Nsi to t9g does not hold to keep it and goes around ink to other pg. All this for a week now, before had not these problems ... how can you solve it? What skill should you use and which gear? Thank you for your attention


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    Need more information about the problem before we can make any suggestions.

    For example, what is your friend's Resistance Ignored percentage?

    Is your friend using the class mechanic mark to initiate combat?

    What passives are being ran by your friend?

    What powers are being used by your friend?

    Are the DPS players running in to attack the enemies before your friend has any time to do anything?

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    GF holds aggro two ways:

    1) The standard way is via taunts. Aggravating Strike (At will), Enforced Threat and Knight's Challenge (Encounter), paired with Mark (that also taunts the first time it's applied, although it has a hidden internal cooldown so spamming tab does not mean that the monster will stick to you 100% of the time. It's more like 1 sec taunt every 3-4 seconds or so.
    It works just well enough if you time your attacks well and know the fights like your pockets, otherwise, as you mentioned in your own post, aggro will be all over the place.

    Your avarage 12k-14k GF simply cannot generate enough aggro to cope with nowadays 18k DPS Behemoths, you can see it in runs where the top dpser has 10 to 20 times more dps than the avarage tank GF. You notice this when you revert back to K team and actually manage to hold aggro much better since the party dps is nerfed big time and the dps gap is nowhere that big anymore.
    It's something that will hopefully be fixed in mod 16, at least for Protector path.
    So instead of doing aggro, you keep the enemies/bosses taunted as much as possibles, on surface it might seem like the end result is the same, but this approach is actually more risky: In some cases, perma taunt is possible, in other cases there might be a slip here and there, with a good party it should not compromise anything, but if your main dpser is squishy/distracted it could be a big mess. Typically this happens on Orcus (TONG) when he flies away and returns, he will deliver the next mace attack (if he's melee, otherwise he will do a less dangerous finger attack and that's why it would be best to stay ranged until the tank has regained the boss attention) to the main dpser risking a one shot, depending on party composition.

    2) Otherwise, if a GF overgears the instance (caps ArPen and can afford to go for power and crfit since he's already good enough with defense/recovery/deflect), he can go conqueror and dish out enough damage that might actually make him keep aggro without using taunts (except mark), since the aggro multipliers would actually put him on top of the aggro list, but it's actually the damage he's dealing that is doing most of the job, not the aggro multipliers. Pretty much this would mean that he's actually a tanky damage dealer with some aggro multipliers.

    About Ras Nsi, if I manage to, I'll make a video of tanking it with my GF (13,k IL, it's done with the first method I explained here because I sure as hell have nowhere the stats needed to keep aggro by itself) when I have time next time. Hopefully it will help your friend.
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    thanks for the help, I think it will also serve 'cause last night we did together CR (we were him with the gf, my op in devotion, sw temp, mof and tr .... I tr and mof 18k of gs, he and the 17k warlock of gs) and we had a lot of problems (sisters going around, arcolith that followed me and Stradh too) so much that I had to switch in protection.
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    I was lucky and I had a vid of a few days ago in TONG lying around so I just had to upload it.
    Originally I took this because I suspected I was grouped with a bunch of bots (since they were very afkish and fell on Acerak's pulls) so I decided to record the second attempt as a proof to substantiate my claim.
    The second attempt, however, turned out to be pretty good, so I suppose I was just being paranoid.

    Here it is, it's a random pug, you will notice the first 2 minutes are from the previous wipe, and there's a vote kick as well.

    You will notice that around 4:30 I lose aggro for a brief while because the boss cheats and moves while doing the burning slash at the time (it's not supposed to happen), that took me by surprise and screwed pretty much all my preparation, I just point this out to highlight how holding aggro becomes problematic if any unforeseen event arises.
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    Resistance/defenses ignored needs to exceed enemy's Damage Resistance so if say Ras Nsi has 85% DR, you need 85% RI/DI to deal full damage (and aggro to him)

    You can cheese aggro with Knight's Challenge too when fighting 1 boss, having something like fray, commander's and Knight's challenge is viable to have decent aggro, just have high hp, decent lifesteal chance and/or guarded assault passive power on (Crushing Pin is good with that) oh and good timing with shield, you should be fine.

    If for whatever reason you don't use commander's strike, you can use something like fray, Knight's challenge and Knight's valor, you get buffs, good aggro and decent protection with those powers.
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