Should apocalypse dagger obtention be made easier ?



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    I have asked @terramak about this, and he said that it's on their radar, but a resolution has not yet been chosen for it.

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    gripnir78 said:

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    gripnir78 said:


    Its like I would expect that Cryptic gona give me back a stack of blood rubies I just used for refine. I had them but lost them to refine something - give it back Cryptic :D

    Most of players I know of had 3 ways to choose about Apoc Dagger - dont bother to get one (most of them~60%). Get it as feeder (~35%) or get it to have it in a collections (5% tops). So dont even try to push a story about runic bags here.
    That artifact was not so good to say the least, and if any1 even bother to get it, it was in most cases used as a free feeder.
    You want reclaim - sure but reclaim should cost same amount of refine points as such artifact gave you as a feeder.
    That would be fair - asking for more is a simple fraud attempt.

    And I am sure that you already know that Cryptic can pretty much do whatever they want with any item in game.
    Especially those items witch was not bought with use of real money.
    They nerfed bondings - did you get anything in return? No. Why you ask for it now?

    My proposision is really fair - get it on other toon and pass it to the one who needs it. Event on the horizon - all who needs it should get it - really no point to make a hamsterstorm out of it

    Except not.

    Bringing up changes to bondings is a straw man. There is no comparison.

    The only value the Apoc Dagger had was either to use on your character or as a feeder. They have since changed that status and made it part of a set.

    So, now any1 who actually used any basic artifact (lantern, waters or catalogue) as a feeder should ask Cryptic to be able to reclaim it?
    Back then those were not parts of any set as well....
    I hate to put it this way, but are you serious? Comparing the dagger to a lantern that you can buy for less than 10k ad on the AH.

    If there was any way, no matter how much it costed, for a character that had the dagger at one point to get the artifact a second time, no one would even care about making a post about it. The event is here, but any character who already farmed the artifact and discarded it will never get it back. Doesn't matter how many alts you farm, because it's BtC.

    Simple solution is allowing a portobello campaign reset on any character after completion. Think that's an unfair advantage to players who did this event on the first time it came around because they got a "free" artifact of power? Well, I remember selling a lantern of revelation for 2 Smops back then , and I'm pretty sure there were cheaper feeder artifacts of power. So, basically those players that farmed the dagger and used as feeder got the equivalent of 200k ad plus 2.5 years of 1 free bag slot for "doing nothing".
    Doubt anyone would object to having to farm it again if they were able to. Even if they had to pay the ad an artifact of power used to cost back then.
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    Simple solution is allowing a portobello campaign reset on any character after completion.

    The simplest solution from a player perspective would be to put the dagger in the reclaim agent so you can reclaim it like you can with class artifacts once you've unlocked it via the campaign. No sell, Char bind on pickup, no RP - just like class artifacts. Yes... at one time players got to use it as a feeder and now you wouldn't be able to... big deal, RP falls like rain now get over that. Don't make people re-grind the campaign - especially since it's likely by the time they roll a change out, there wouldn't be enough time to do it anyway. Just let people reclaim the dumb thing and be done with it, I just don't see the big deal here... it's not like that artifact set is BiS anyway.

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    Hi! Here are a few thoughts about the Apocalypse set. I already have Portobello's company on GF. But now I moved to another class. There of course the company is not completed. As a result, the Apocalypse set is impossible to collect. You offer to wait for the event. OK) how much gear came out a year? Let's really look at things until the event this set is morally obsolete, that's for sure. Hence the question - why was it added to the game? Just to make it in the list of collections and unattainable? Seth is meaningless if it is not possible to obtain by alternative components. Thank you for listening.

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