List of shields? pictures?

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Hi, Im trying to find one specific Transmog for a shield, its a large circular shield, looks like a hyperion/Spartan shield. I cant find what the name of it is. if anyone can help me I would be eternally grateful. Ive looked at everything so far and I cant find it. Im a guardian fighter, who uses a spear that would love to have a Spartan shield. thank you all.


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    There are a lot of round shields. Sinister Shield. Shield of the Fey. Random rare drop shields that tend to be round.
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    I think the one you are looking for drops from Which Fen chest in the second zone of Sharendar. its the shield the cyclops warriors use. I am currently trying to find it and doing GR every day.

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    I'd check the official wiki page - you do have to click through the links to individual shields - but it's probably listed there somewhere, along with the way to attain it.

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    Redcap shield is pretty basic and round, and as mentioned sinister shield is circular as well.