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Huge lags after mod 14

cerberusforcescerberusforces Member Posts: 163 Arc User
I have problem from tuesday evening, after mod 14. Earlier I didn't have to much lags (only in chultan ruins, sometimes), but now i have lags everywhere. When i change map, change locations, starting combat, start dung, moveing around the map or city. Literally everywhere and always!
NV now i unplayable for me. I ask few ppl in game but many people haven't noticed anything or have problems only in mod 14 maps.


  • silence1xsilence1x Member Posts: 1,503 Arc User
    Rubberbanding was pretty bad last night too. Once I lagged off the log and into the river. Grrr.
    I aim to misbehave
  • cerberusforcescerberusforces Member Posts: 163 Arc User
    Delays is one thing but sometimes i have "the slideshow".
  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Administrator Posts: 3,461 Community Manager
    Over the past few days there's been a combination of issues we are looking into: one is the increase of players in each server instance and the other is widespread ISP outages reported by different companies. We're working on the first but sadly don't have any control over the latter.
  • spookele1spookele1 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 24 Arc User
    same here its almost unplayable to me too i cant do much either and if i ask others in the game they think im crazy or making stuff up , only 2 or 3 in my guild have this problem too and its SOOOOO annoying i ahve been playing this game for 5 years and really love it but if its going to push me to my limits of patience on playing without this rubbish lag i wil go find something els to play that i can actually enjoy , than stand in PE a half an hour just to try and move from the gate to the seal vendor
  • klosssieklosssie Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    yes since the ravenloft patch the game is trash cant play because of the lag and rubberbanding and i tried everything i can think of cleaned my pc run cleaners turn down graphic's. open and close the game 1000times nothing helps for this lag even tested my internet conection with other online games its surley not my side , so this need to get FIXED soon cant play like this.....
  • cerberusforcescerberusforces Member Posts: 163 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    Try play in "Safe mode", game in this options looks nasty but it's playable.
    I can play now only with this options. Game work good 2 hour, after this time problems back but if i want play longer, reset game (remember about Safe mode) and again work playable.
  • windgatboudwindgatboud Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 5 Arc User
    My Game is also un playable, after a few minutes I cant even move the mouse around on the screen, everything gets so sticky, it feels like the game is pulling my PC dead, then I have to close the whole game and start over. Yesterday I ended up in tiamat with a que and I couldnt even move, or move the screen to get out of the red, so I had to stand there the whole time till it finished. All this started just after the new patch, so cant you just fix it? before it was fine and now I cant move around. 5 min in PE and I have to close the game, even quieter instances in PE doesnt help, it takes me almost 5 mins to get from the gate to the seal vendor and again 5 mins to the salvage guy. AND NO IM NOT GONNA PLAY MY GAME IN SAFE MODE WITH NASTY LOOKING GRAPHICS, the problem is not on my side. Two days ago I saw a guy in CN that couldnt even walk two steps and stand still for a min or so. Dont tell me again you are looking into the problem again because its now over a week and its still the same
  • cerberusforcescerberusforces Member Posts: 163 Arc User
    I'm afraid that's left to you play on safe mode with nasty graphic or don't play at all. I have the same problem and i must play in safe mode. I don't expect a quick repair.
  • kangkeokkangkeok Member Posts: 1,121 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    I believe there are 2 type of 'Lag' mention here, Graphical Lag & Latency Lag. Just to be clear, what Nitocris mention is latency lag which involve server population and the internet connection between the game server and ur home. Another lag which don't involve internet connection is graphical lag. It involve ur hardware spec. I think mod14 has upgrade some graphics feature like ambience quality etc which mean the graphic requirement for highest setting has increase. If u find ur game frozen in place like a picture and its very choppy at time, its ur hardware trying to cope up. Try tone down ur graphic setting or get a better graphic card or memory chip ( for choppy scenario). But if u able to pan ur camera to view ur character as he froze in place as if time has stop, that's the latency lag. I think safe mode are for people with hardware difficulty and not latency lag.

    Edit : Oh btw rubberbanding is categorized as latency lag.
  • lollopezlollopez Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    I have the same problem. Thanks for the lesson about Lag, we all know that when a new mod starts, all server go into the new map =istances full= lag. but we are saying that before mod everything was fine, now game is umplayable. in enclave, barovia, cn, tiamat, codg. everything freeze. Before new mod i was able to play every content here, now i spend time figuring out where my camera is and where i am going (if i can even move) . hope they will fix it asap because now it's impossible to enjoy anything in the game. just to say something, i spent 25 min to log in , pray with 12 chars, and log out......25 minutes....and no, my connection was fine , my computer was fine.
  • sharleenaasharleenaa Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 13 Arc User
    i had the same problems, but since last patch (07/26) it seems to be solved. I have excellent framerates now and no lags anymore.
  • gripnir78gripnir78 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 374 Arc User
    Unfortunately last patch 7/26 made things worse. Had such problems even before MOD 14 - while was testing it on test servers. But live server was ok. Now since release its a horrible lag. Long waiting to enter certain locations - funny its not that bad in Barovia, but Port Nyanzaru is a stall for me. Any way PC is fine, graphic card, memories hard drive all chceked, game reinstalled form a scrach. New drivers internet connection doubel chceked but game is lagging to the point I dont want to touch it any more. And funny part is - nomatter if I am gone adjust grafpich settings to the lowest posiible or highest possible - it does not change anything :D stalls, freezes, slide shows, gj Cryptic
  • therealprotextherealprotex Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 466 Arc User
    Seriously, do your homework. Sorry to sound harsh, but every few weeks the same topic, every few weeks the same explanations, every few weeks noone really cares.

    There are three locations where (latency) lags can arise from.

    1. Your computer/Your ISP.
    If that is the case, you'd most likely have problems with other online games/streaming services/etc., too. You can check this.

    2. The game server
    If that was the case, EVERYBODY would have the SAME problems at the SAME time in the SAME way. If you meet at least one person who does not have these problems, the game server is not the problem.

    3. The routing
    Your data packages take a route from your computer to the game server and back, hopping from server to server. If ANY of these servers has a problem (too much traffic, being attacked, being maintained, etc), your data packages pass that server slower or are even dismissed. There is (almost) nothing that you or Cryptic can do about it since these servers usually are supervised and controlled by internet service providers. The only thing you can do is to use a proxy server and thus change the routing.

    While any combination of these three is also possible, the routing alone is the reason for lags in 99.9999% (at a rough estimate) of all cases.
  • cerberusforcescerberusforces Member Posts: 163 Arc User
    @therealprotex sometimes the problem is on the player's side, but in my situation the problem was in game. Now i can play in low and medium setting after 2-3 weeks ago i play only i save mode.
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