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Official Feedback Thread: Bonus RP Event Changes



  • tomiotartomiotar Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 227 Arc User
    This changes to the RP event represents how a very good idea can be implemented so bad that it is being forced to fail. The reason because this changes will be forced to fail is because the devs forgot that it should target real players and there is no real player segment that is going to be interested on paying the AD for the estra RP. Let just take a look at the different kind of players you currently have on NW:

    Segment 1 "hardcore players": The kind of players that is kinda addicted and spend a lot of time just doing one dungeon after the other. This kind of players are going to reach the 100k limit easily without the need of extra burst, also they usually have the leadership army, quartemaster and dragon hoard so that extra RP means nothing to them.

    Segment 2 "casual players": This kind of player could get a benefit from the extra RP but ONLY if they just 1 char and that char plays enough to beat all the CDs on getting the extra RP and they are in the extremly thin area that is between getting enough RP to fill the 100k limit wth extra bonus, but without passing the limit for too much. If they dont get to the limit they loose AD and if they pass the limit for too much they also loose AD as they wouldnt need the to pay for the extra.

    Segment 3 "mixed players": They are not hardcore but they play and do as many dungeons as they can. This kind of players usually know enough already that there are many ways to get RP and as tempted they can be to get as much RP as they can, they also understand how much time is going to take them to farm those extra 100k. You can convince a few to buy the first 25k, but is extremly unluckly that more than a few are going all the way up to 100k AD.

    Segment 4 "new players": They will most likely never know that that there is an event and that event include an extra interface and they will not have the AD to spend on it.

    Segment 5 "players that understand the economy of the server": "pay for RP, are you serious?"

    The only way that this event can work is that if you remove completly the 100k limit and any CD on getting the RP, thats the only way that you can at least tempt the first 3 segments to pay AD for the event. This can be a very good AD sink, but ONLY if you convince someone to sink AD on it.
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