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demo set

demo set still BIS or are there other option out there ?(swap out shard :P)


  • gromovnipljesak#8234 gromovnipljesak Member Posts: 1,048 Arc User
    Still BiS for DPS, and for now it seems like it will stay that way in M14. The new sets are HAMSTER.
  • boromir#3940 boromir Member Posts: 107 Arc User
    For raw damage, the demo set is still king. That being said, I switched to bronzewood neck and waist. The beaded necklace gives more power, but I needed the crit. 1400 is no joke.

    Why? More raw stats. The added power, crit and recovery are just too good to pass up. This allows for a mix of black ice and Brutals, which is obviously better than straight Brutals. My recovery is at 4500, which is more than most dps GF’s I’ve seen. They usually hover around 1-2k. And the set bonus is 500 recovery/1000 movement per encounter power use, stacking 3 times and lasting 5 seconds. All told, I hit crit cap with bondings up, steel grace slotted and RA going, as well as 7k recovery.

    Plus, I can swap that demo artifact with something that has armor pen, amongst other needed stats. Ended up keeping the old faithful Lantern of Revelation I was already using with previous Company set. When I finally pull a +4 or +5 gravestriker, I’ll be able to dump the Lantern for my Horn of Valhalla. Same stats of crit and AP gain, but trading armor pen for a much needed HP bump. Aura of Courage is our friend.

    More armor pen on front page is obviously preferential. I wanted to concentrate on power and crit on back page. And any recovery I can muster from black ice enchants. If my pet goes down I still have ample defenses ignored. I run the Primal Ward arms so I can swap to the Survivors wraps, without an armor pen penalty.

    Some people insisted on running a Legendary mount for either 4k crit on dps or 4k recovery/deflection/defense for Tacs. I didn’t want to get a third Legendary mount. Trex and Lion was expensive enough. 2k power and more importantly 2k armor pen, was what I’ve built around. Ran 2k armor pen mount when 85% defenses ignored hit us a couple of mods back. So, nothing changed in my process....I just gained 2k power going the same route as time went by.

    Most people just run the demo set and make up the armor pen however they can. I refused to join the club. I ran the lostmauth set until the company set hit guild strongholds. This MC 3 set is my replacement, and I couldn’t be happier.
  • theguiidotheguiido Member Posts: 467 Arc User
    Demo set king since release. It's just that good.
    Guardian Fighter
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  • boromir#3940 boromir Member Posts: 107 Arc User
    Yes it is.....sadly though, sadly. 4 mods worth of cookie cutter builds all wrapped around the same old set of gear. So boring, and I refuse to conform. Ran the Timeless Hero set when everyone else ran the Grand Regent. This MC3 gear is a take on my mod 5 up to now.....don’t be like everyone else mindset.
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