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Exploit-proof solution for daily Foundry

unangwataunangwata Member Posts: 183 Arc User
edited October 2017 in The Foundry
The reward would come from same quest only once, so player would have to browse and seek new adventures each day (exploit-proof).

If done right, the Foundry could be 'neverending' story to a player. Lack of reward for doing foundry doesn't lure players to give it a try.
Developers choose which quest is featured, don't they? Reward for doing featured quest would open whole new campaign that would never end, player could do at least one new quest daily and there would be more quests coming.


  • lurch#1403 lurch Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    Foundry already seems never ending, the quests all have WAY too much text.
  • simplyshawnsimplyshawn Member Posts: 103 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    unangwata said:

    The reward would come from same quest only once, so player would have to browse and seek new adventures each day (exploit-proof).

    Totally agree with you: any way we can reward players more for playing our foundries is a good move in my book, especially if it can't get abused by "authors" who make all those "QuIcK eAsY fOuNdRy ReWaRdS!!!" quests :pensive:

    Foundry already seems never ending, the quests all have WAY too much text.

    Really? Is it too much text regardless, or do you mine if it's all optional story? Just curious because I want to make Foundry Quests players actually enjoy. If the text is annoying, then I'll tone down.

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  • arkanargearkanarge Member Posts: 105 Arc User
    edited April 2018
    So... what ARE the rewards? maybe RP gems like the ones you get from overfilling your exp bar? Could be some black pearls. could be a couple sapphires or opals? what else can they give that isn't crazy good. 1000-2000 rough astral diamonds. New foundry related costumes? for RPing? rare drops. etc. the drops will also be doubled during double enchantment days too.

    one reward per quest play, can't grind it. Maybe resets once per month. The length of the quest, the better the reward. If people want to exploit they'll need to go in and wait like 30 minutes, a bit too much effort for something thats not crazy good but a bonus to have fun.

    and for the reward to be given it needs to qualify for the "daily" like usual so the exploitative quests don't go through easily. The gems will be bound, can't sell it. What are they gunna do? make 40 accounts and send alts in to afk 20-30 minutes each for a couple gems? thats too much work and effort.

    Make new achievements, titles, rewards, costumes for foundry authors based on how many people play and like their quests. If they want to cheat it, they'll need to ask friends/make alts to like their own quest? They'll need hundreds. those fast quests "gimme 5 star review so u can get reviewer achievement" thing would be long gone if GMs just delete them manually, itll take a few hours, without us needing to report it. perhaps even remove the reviewer achievement.

    well obviously there are several loop holes people will do but its a start. Maybe each foundry finished gives foundry points and can be used to buy stuff in the foundry shop thats added as a open window in the catalogs like the campaign stores. Sells account bound costumes, props, etc, useless companions with no stats but look cool, useless items that do fun stuff, toys basically, etc. This will be alot of work for cryptic but its an effort they'll need to commit if they want to revive the thing that is like 20% of their game.
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  • iandarkswordiandarksword Member Posts: 978 Arc User
    A couple of things we found out about the player base during the 2014 Cult of the Dragon contest were:
    - Players tended to choose quests with concise, but informative dialogs as more enjoyable and thus, rated them higher than quests that had loads of text.
    -Players would avoid quests that had an average run time greater than 25-30 minutes. They deemed anything longer an "inefficient use of their time." 15 minutes seemed the optimal time range.
    Later, when Astral Diamonds were removed as an incentive for players to choose to play our quests, everything tanked. Rewards at quest completion are the leading problem with player interest. There have been numerous suggestions further back in this forum to remedy this problem, from a specific Foundry currency, to a Foundry related campaign, and many others. Though the decision doesn't reside with us as players and authors, we should, however, continue to make suggestions to both @nitocris83 and @mimicking#6533. Hopefully, we can continue to appeal for positive outcomes for our favorite niche of this game.
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