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Do tactician buffs apply to the gf too?

daps#2939 daps Member Posts: 3 Arc User
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if buffs such as "inspiring leader" and "rousing speech" from the tactician tree also apply the buff to the gf, or is it to the party members strictly?


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  • rjc9000rjc9000 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,370 Arc User
    edited October 2017 Accepted Answer
    Yes, both apply to the GF (as well as to teammates).

    GF Used:

    Feats Applied (done after getting base values).

    Inspiring Leader Test:

    Base Damage compared with R4 ITF

    Base Hit: 1944.6
    Hit with R4 ITF: 2528

    2528/1994.6= 1.30000...

    R4 ITF applies to the GF (of course).. now what about the feat?

    Base Damage compared to R4 ITF with 5 points in Inspiring Leader

    Inspiring Leader is its own seperate damage buff which is multiplicative to a R4 ITF. If we have both R4 ITF and 5 points in Inspiring Leader active, then our damage bonus should be 1.365 (1.3 * 1.05 =1.365). Let's see if our calculation is as reality ensues...

    Base damage is still the same.
    Hit with R4 ITF & 5 points in Inspiring Leader: 2564.4


    While there is probably some small rounding errors due to not using the exact damage values (sue me, I'm lazy), Inspiring Leader with R4 ITF applies to the GF.

    Rousing Speech Test:

    Base AP Gain:

    Base: 8.5 as measured by ACT (0.85% of Action Points in reality, since you divide your % in ACT by 1000, so 8.5/1000 = 0.0085.)

    AP Gain with Rousing Speech:

    AP Gain with Rousing: 8.9.

    8.9/8.5 = 1.0470588...

    Or, it appears that the difference between our AP Gain on Surge with the feat is a difference of ~4.7%... but the game often rounds decimal places, especially for numbers as small as 0.85% AP Gained.

    Considering how small the difference in AP Gain is, the way the game rounds numbers is going to probably result in quite a small bit missing, which is why our calculation didn't get 5% (because rounding).


  • daps#2939 daps Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Oh wow thank you very much for this, more than answers my question... very much appreciated!
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