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Lord Neverember vs Bruenor Battlehammer

josephskyrimjosephskyrim Member Posts: 356 Arc User
edited April 2016 in The Moonstone Mask (PC)
If these two leaders went to war against each other, which one would you support and why?

Lord Neverember vs Bruenor Battlehammer 19 votes

Lord Neverember
sockmunkeypskittenhellscryeerikiki1vaelynxtrentbail21strandedaussie 7 votes
Bruenor Battlehammer
grebnukreatyvemagenubbieundeadcrabbsavagelfwolfdragoness10someonediessdgfdsgfdgfdgdspolaris1986divineone69zac20169cyrix#2092 12 votes
If you can't stand on a chest, it is a mimic!


  • zac20169zac20169 Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    Bruenor Battlehammer
    As much as Arbrek adores Neveremeber, he is a staunch dwarven supremacist and loyal vassal to his rightful king. He'd do everything in his power to avert the war, but if push came to shove, he'd back King Bruenor all the way.
  • vaelynxvaelynx Member Posts: 182 Arc User
    Lord Neverember
    Quite easy as well. That is, unless by any chance, Bruenor would pay her (or rather, her superiors) more, but then he's hardly the shrewd utilitarian type. Plus, Neverember himself has had a hand in making the Zhentarim a legal organization (and ones I'm pretty certain he uses for dirty work - regardless, this move has had more effect in making them abandon the most brute ways of making a living such as highway robbery than an army would have.) and she's a member... and while Burmy couldn't be called loyal by any stretch of the word, she isn't a short-sighted primitive either, standing by the side which she considers most profitable to her in the long run.
    As she put it to an acquaintance - there's a time to stand by your friends, and there's a time to scuttle away and pretend you never met them.
  • dragoness10dragoness10 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 780 Arc User
    Bruenor Battlehammer
    To save people from a very long and involved explanation involving other planes, previous dwarves the House of Xarzith'dos has known, and Lord Nasher -

    Bruenor - In the end it's best to have a dwarf at your side rather than their axe in your back.
    " I tried to figure out the enigma that was you, and then I realized mastering Wild Magic was easier." - Old Wizard in Waterdeep

    "Why is it dragons only use ketchup? I'd like a little wasabi please. Us silvers like a variety of condiments."

    "Don't call them foolish mortals. One, they don't learn from it. Two, It just ticks them off." - An Ancient Red Dragon
  • gradiigradii Member Posts: 280 Arc User
    I'm not quite sure becuase I'm not well enough versed in the lore yet to decide which one Sylvina the eccentric and adventuresome sorceress would support.

  • savagelfwolfsavagelfwolf Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Bruenor Battlehammer
    Neverember married a member of the Brandarth family, adding her broad property holdings and wealth to his own.[7] She bore him a son, Renaer Neverember, before dying when Renaer was still in his youth. She left everything to Renaer rather than Dagult, which contributed to Dagult's rocky relationship with his son.[8][9]

    Years after the destruction of Neverwinter in 1462 DR, Neverember hired Mintarn mercenaries to help rebuild the city, claiming himself to be a descendant of Neverwinter's former rulers and thus the rightful "Lord Protector" of Neverwinter.[10][11] The Sons of Alagondar, an underground movement associated with the Harpers, resisted Neverember's reign, fearing that his aims were imperialistic and would not aid the city in the long run.[12] Neverember left the day-to-day running of the city to General Sabine and Mayor Soman Galt, intending to increase the prosperity of the city in order to gain the favor and love of the citizens of Neverwinter so that they would welcome him as their king in the future.[13] While in Neverwinter, Dagult operated out of the Hall of Justice and lived in the Lord's Residence.[14]

    In 1479 DR, Dagult conspired with Khondar "Ten-Rings" Naomal to find the Overlord's Helm in order to find out the secrets of his fellow Lords of Waterdeep; it was unlikely, however, that he was aware of the full extent of Khondar's plans to establish wizards as the rulers of Waterdeep.[15]

    In 1489 DR, during the Tyranny of Dragons, Neverember was replaced as Open Lord of Waterdeep by Laeral Silverhand; however, he retained his status as Lord Protector of Neverwinter.[16]
  • savagelfwolfsavagelfwolf Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Bruenor Battlehammer
    Lord Neverember isn't rightful heir to Neverwinter since the crown reject him he is usurper
  • akita#8849 akita Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    This rogue chooses to leave her options open. Will fight on any given side at any moment~based on what fight offers the best reward.
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