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  • fidelis#5885 fidelis Posts: 4Member Arc User
    What’s the name of your guild? Ghost Templars
    Number of accounts? 143
    Number of characters? 206
    How long has your guild been around? December 2015

    Why should we spotlight your guild (at least one paragraph and no more than three)?

    Ghost Templars is a level 5 pve/pvp guild for players who help each other have a fun time and a pleasurable Neverwinter gaming experience. No drama. No fuss. We are just about having fun and helping each other do so.

    What makes us different from other guilds is our focus on helping each other be better players and teammates through our gearing program. Full level 70 members are given guild assistance in gearing up to the 1600 and 2000 ilvl caps through advice and gifts from the guild bank and individual members. Gearing Day is held once a month to help each other become better fighting players by gearing up even better and increasing individual ilvls.

    Our current #1 goal is to defeat the Stronghold dragons! The gearing program is preparing us to do just that!

  • lazaroth666lazaroth666 Posts: 1,332Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User

    What’s the name of your guild?

    Elite Mercenaria (means Elite Mercenary in Spanish, obvious but just in case, lol)

    Number of accounts?

    128 accounts, active players in the last 15 days.

    Number of characters?

    359 characters.

    How long has your guild been around?

    Since 24 Oct 2013 (Previously known as Rebelión Latina)

    Why should we spotlight your guild (at least one paragraph and no more than three)?

    Managing a mainly spanish-speaking guild in a game so unfriendly towards the spanish and latin american community it is not an easy task. Every day we receive players who are struggling a lot with the game because they are unable to understand some of the most basic stuff, it's here where our compromise gets started because we have decided to help and assist every player every day creating a whole community that consider the willingness to help and assist our main flag. Our guild represents an opportunity to these players letting them enjoy the game in a friendly and very sociable environment. We consider ourselves as Elite players but we don't have elite requeriments and that is because being elite doesn't mean to put barriers or boundaries to the players, on the contrary, being elite means having a different mindset in a society that lives every day with a rigid thinking that values players according to their gear and/or their performance in the game. We do appreciate every player for his/her activity and for the loyalty.

    We didn't have a large guild prior to the arrival of Module 7: Strongholds. Due to certain circunstances, we were unable to start working in our stronghold as soon as Mod7 went live and we lost a whole month of time. Here is where the loyalty came up to show how important it is to share strong bounds between the players. Even though the new module was completely new and everyone was so excited looking for trying out the new features, we had many players who decided to stay with us in a guild without any construction, waiting until we were able to start together. Finally, it was time to start our project and we have been working so hard in our stronghold that nowadays is among the top guilds in the game, getting very close to GH Lv 15 at the moment, thanks to the contribution of each one of our dedicated members that believes in our goals.

    This is a story of loyalty, sacrifice and strong bounds among the members that deserves to be shared. It is an excellent example about what a good guild is and about how we are able to overcome any situation as long as we stay together as a huge team.

    ▄▀▄▀ Check out my blog for more information and cool videos: NWO-Battleground ▀▄▀▄
    Proud founder of the 'Primacy' alliance
  • avengeldavengeld Posts: 6Member Arc User
    Blood Oathed Honor Bound currently has 81 characters accross 51 accounts. We've been around in Cryptic games for around 5-6 years, with our roots being in Champions Online, I've run the guild in Neverwinter for about 3 years now. We are a guild that seeks to enjoy every aspect of the games we play while respecting each other and each person we come into contact with.
  • boobyladyboobylady Posts: 3Member Arc User
    What’s the name of your guild?
    Serenity Browncoats

    Number of accounts?

    Number of characters?

    How long has your guild been around?
    August 2014

    Why should we spotlight your guild (at least one paragraph and no more than 3)?

    Now us browncoats always take take of family and that's just what we are. We also like shiny things. So we tend to do a lot of jobs (runs) when people are available.

    Being a small guild can be difficult at time but we can make it through! We would really just like to get noticed and find some more adventurers who like shiny! :smiley:
  • izthasizthas Posts: 5Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
  • neverwinterdevilneverwinterdevil Posts: 74Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    edited May 2016
    Ж Corrupted Ж

    141 accounts

    295 characters

    July 2015

    In the relatively short amount of time we have been around we've managed to make a name for ourselfs by interacting with everything the game had to offer. We started out as a small group of experienced players who wanted to make it on their own right before Strongholds came out and now we are a large, active, fun, friendly and helpful family!!

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  • spookele1spookele1 Posts: 24Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    edited July 2016
    What’s the name of your guild?
    *Spirits of the Dead*

    Number of accounts?

    Number of characters?

    How long has your guild been around?
    about 1 year

    Why should we spotlight your guild (at least one paragraph and no more than three)?
    The Spirits of the Dead are one casual and fun guild that have been around for 1 year and going strong, we hope to keep this guild going as long possible to continue having fun and making new awesome friends and best of all to learn and help new players enjoy the game with us.
    English and Very helpful Pve Guild with great teamwork and we always looking for more Fun players to come join us
    We are the spirits of the night that lurks in the dark and will conquer anything on our paths while we have a blast doing it
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  • seijidaseijida Posts: 28Member Arc User
    edited May 2016
    •What’s the name of your guild?
    Infernal Blood

    •Number of accounts?

    •Number of characters?

    •How long has your guild been around?
    The Guild was founded in January 2016

    •Why should we spotlight your guild?
    Because we might be kinda new, but we are an awesome, fun, helpful & social guild. I am really proud of my members, most of them reached 70 in our guild are we all have come a long way in growing together. We will get GH5 tomorrow already and I could not wish for a better, more loyal & dedicated bunch of friends to hang around with ingame.

    photo 2362.jpg
  • tripsofthrymrtripsofthrymr Posts: 1,617Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Community Moderator
    What’s the name of your guild?

    Caritas. That's Latin for charity, organization that help people in need and also benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity.

    Number of accounts?


    Number of characters?


    How long has your guild been around?

    We were founded just a couple months ago from an observation that newer players often have a hard time getting off to a good start. There are many friendly and helpful players in the game, but plenty too that want to rush through content (been there, done that) and don't have the patience to help the recently arrived learn and enjoy the game.

    Why should we spotlight your guild (at least one paragraph and no more than three)?

    We are an excellent home for new and returning players. We help people learn the content, with a focus on enjoyment rather than clear times. We help people learn their class, and how their class fits into a party. We are part of the Greycloak Alliance, a group of almost 2,000 players with a similar attitude toward the game.

    Every new guild member must agree to our one guild rule: "Be friendly & kind." That sets the stage for a positive, supportive environment with almost no guild drama.
    Caritas Guild Founder (Greycloak Alliance)
    Play 'em before the foundry goes away:
    Cryptic of Kelemvor (NW-DQMV5SWT5) Pokes good-natured fun at the AD nerf and many other things
    The Legend of Nicolas
    The Rise of Nicolas (NW-DAYMFZO7V) White Dragon Winter (NW-DEUHGX6AO) Icy the Snow Troll (NW-DN6RJGT3B)
    Is the Foundry important? R.A. Salvatory thinks so (clip, full stream)
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  • faeromalikitefaeromalikite Posts: 105Member Arc User
    What’s the name of your guild?
    The Repeat Offenders!

    Number of accounts?

    Number of characters?

    How long has your guild been around?
    We have been in Neverwinter since beta growing and learning! In August 2005, a few people who were regular posters and lurkers in the Defender section of City of Heroes came upon a thread started by Teklord. He proposed a specialized team for Kinetic Defenders. The idea took off and the team quickly became Pinball Wizards (PW). A few weeks later Pinball Wizards joined with Perfect Storms, an all Storm SG. Next the Wizards linked with Green Machines and Bubbleicious. A global channel was created to connect these groups, it was called Pinball Wizards. When many members learned of the pending launch of City of Villains, the global channel was renamed to Repeat Offenders.

    In October 2005, City of Villains was released and many Heroes were seduced by the dark side. Repeat Offenders was created to cater corruptors. Quickly afterward, Malicious Multiplicity (Masterminds) and World Domination Inc. (Dominators) and Crack Dealers (dba Fast & the Furious) From a small beginning, Repeat Offenders grew into the large coalition network we have now.

    Why should we spotlight your guild (at least one paragraph and no more than three)?
    We are a family friendly/casual guild full of experienced and novice players that enjoy the challenge of the game. We are guild strategically placed in an alliance that helps foster a community feel. We truly want our community to enjoy the game and not have to worry about min/maxing there characters to get an invite to participate in the content. We are a no exploit Guild and truly just enjoy playing the game! We have a history of breaking the interwebs with teaming that "shouldnt work"

    Include a screenshot if you can!

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