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Patch Notes: NW.45.20150618a.6



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    lizicslizics Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    I spend just as much time on the gateway as in game - some days even more. Leadership was a big part of that.

    The real farmers will just bot Leadership in game, just like they already bot farm everything else.

    Being able to set up tasks should be part of the gateway just like in other games that let you schedule tasks. Adding a good task schedule systems to the gateway would level the field for everyone (instead of nuking it).

    Who is the real target for this? Not the in game farmers - no change for them. To me it seems to be the free to play casual player who uses the gateway to generate AD to play the game.

    Just seems like a move to try and sell more Zen (or the first step to move to a subscription system).
    It also sounds like another nail being driven home.
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    jobsalotofworkjobsalotofwork Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 189 Arc User
    Personally I'm going to wait and see. If AD value goes IP it could be a good thing for folks who actually play the game. As opposed to players who just leadership farm.
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    l3thin4thl3thin4th Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 198 Arc User
    Not having numbers on how much AD are produced by gateway leadership for the entire community (I suppose devs have such data and that is the reason they took this step), I would propose the following:

    Increase the number of slots that can be assigned to a single task.
    This way, any player who relies primarily on Leadership to produce AD can launch 12h or 24 h tasks once a day.
    I have 8 tons, If I can launch Battle Elemental Cultists for all my 9 slots, that would let me continue my AD production with a little sacrifice and you can keep Leadership locked on gateway.

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    andemeraldandemerald Member Posts: 2 New User
    New player literally just downloaded the game (so sory for the irrelevant question but i cant open a thread in the appropriate section to ask for help) Failed to find anything on the internet or forum (everything i found about this issue is outdated by far) and the question is simple; what am i to do in the ''connection to the server timed out'' case? I understand enough to see this game isnt too much for my pc or connection. And download, patch, launch all went smooth but cant login. So anyone feeling helpful?
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    thyralionthyralion Member Posts: 46 Arc User
    Read the thread you posted your question into...
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    andemeraldandemerald Member Posts: 2 New User
    > @thyralion said:
    > Read the thread you posted your question into...

    If that was an answer to me it probably means i miscalculated pdt in my local time zone and the patching thing is still going on. Is that so?
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    blakenfestblakenfest Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    I understand the need to address it but really?! Before, I could lay in bed with my wife while she watched HGTV and I could be on my iPad handling leadership. This kept me out of the doghouse because at least I was in the same room.

    Now, I'm being forced to be in my man cave to do tasks which will only generate an aggro wife. Guess what....wife/life wins. This game appealed to me because, like others, I could manage while at work.

    I won't be forced into buying zen to buy AD. Not gonna happen.
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    thyralionthyralion Member Posts: 46 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    andemerald wrote: »
    If that was an answer to me it probably means i miscalculated pdt in my local time zone and the patching thing is still going on. Is that so?

    No, I´m afraid that wasn´t my point. You would realize if the server was still offline.
    I was trying to offer help by preventing further trouble with this game.
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    turoqmahandarturoqmahandar Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1 Arc User
    ayroux wrote: »
    If you want toreduce the leadership botting then REMOVE the "per character" limit and make a "per account" limit on how much you can refine each day.
    I do not agree on that. Gold spammers obviously use one new account for each spam message they send. Thus, they cannot be effectively ignored. Similarly, botters would most likely use many different accounts, because you get two chars for free, but have to pay zen to unlock more chars on the same account. Thinking in your line of reasoning, what most likely would separate the legit players from the botters would be restricting the number of char logins per *IP address* per timespan. There could be a progressive timeout for char logins per IP address with a cooldown depending on the duration a char is logged in.

    Assuming that a bot is faster than a human being to perform its tasks (that's the whole idea of botting, isn't it?), it should be possible to find the right timings that do not annoy legit players on the one hand, but make botting too inefficient on the other.

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    glykenglyken Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    If you want to combat botting, maybe you could start by actually banning the accounts people report for spam?
    I clear my ignore list every couple of weeks or so, and as soon as I do, I see the same accounts spamming.

    if you are going to keep this change, can you at least boost the leadership xp the tasks give?
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    truckulatruckula Member Posts: 124 Arc User
    Remember the ion stone giveaway bug? Peeps were selling them in PE for like 5 gold each.
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    syrics9syrics9 Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    When tanks get 1 shot by archers and the dungeons ... well dungeon... ECC is the only method of me gearing up AND is only completed by exploiting. The other dungeons were taken out or are not exploitable. You choose to "fix" this? I've spent $600-700 the past few months because I genuinely loved this game and its features. However, you are taking it in a direction I can not follow anymore. F Mod 7. You took 75% of the fun out of this game with mod 6.
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    scylent#6295 scylent Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 43 Arc User
    So instead of adding a captcha step to avoid bots, you remove it... Interesting decision indeed.

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    sirpattonsirpatton Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 28 Arc User
    You are hurting working normal people not bots. I'm spending entire day in from of computer in work and I want to have possibility to collect and start new leadership tasks if I have some free time in my work. I don't have possibility to install game here. Disabling leadership on gateway is not a solution and this is hurting normal players.
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