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Quit for some time - all astral diamonds and zen gone

jikjaxjikjax Member Posts: 18 Arc User
edited May 2015 in General Discussion (PC)
Hello :) Just came back to NW. But noticed my lvl 60 has 0 astral and zen. I recall having quite a bit of both before I quit. Was I hacked? Or was there some movement of where zen sits in our accounts?
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  • jikjaxjikjax Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    Thanks. Submitted a ticket. If it's all gone that would really suck ugh
  • lewstelamon01lewstelamon01 Member Posts: 7,415 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    Yeah, this is a matter for support to look into. Please be patient and await a response. It should come within 1-3 days. Be aware that the first response you get is an automated acknowledgement of your inquiry as well as some support articles which may be of some assistance to you.

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