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Aura of Courage hitting 50+times within a second...?

icyphishicyphish Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,255 Arc User
edited May 2015 in PvP Discussion
Just done a PvP match and noticed something weird, most of my fights goes well, but once in a while my life would spike from 80~90% down to 10~20% in less than a second. I noticed a lot of small numbers would pop all a sudden before my HP spike down, I went back into combat log and this is what I see...

Can anyone tell me how this works? I am a GWF and shouldn't even own this skill, even if I do... why would it be damaging myself hitting like 50~100 times within a sec...

I recall my team had a Oathbound Pally, their team had one too, not sure if it causes an new issue?

I am also wearing Transcendent Negation enchantment, not sure if that makes a difference, has anyone experienced this before...?

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