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Big Dam Heroes!! Where the best come to get drunk and set mobs on fire :U

hiperion16hiperion16 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 89 Arc User
Welcome and thank you for viewing this page.

Are you a PVE fanatic looking to get geared and roll the hardest end game content? A PVP master looking for some sweet domination goodness? A fresh adventurer striving for greatness? Then BIG DAM HEROES is looking for YOU!!

At BIG DAM HEROES we run all the end game content from T1/T2 dungeons to CN/MC and ELOL/ESOT to Tiamat.If it can be killed we will be there with a smile and weapons drawn. PVE not your thing,we got many members who would love to party in IWD/Domination matches.Have a new character or current main you would like to make better?Many of our members are well versed in their classes and can help guide you through a build that suits your play style.

At BIG DAM HEROES we are a tight knit group who value respect,honesty and hard work.A serious but casual guild,our goal is the betterment of our members and having fun.We do NOT accept drama or disrespect to each other.While we will help gear out new low GS members we wont provide everything BUT we will farm anything you might need with you till you have what you require.Mainly a North American member base,we are mainly active with most members on between 3PM-3AM PST with some on all day.

Guidelines for new members
Must be 18+ years old(we can get a lil frisky in chat ;D)
Must accept constructive criticism(you don't have to follow it yet don't get mad when we tell you how to improve)
We use RaidCall(not required but highly recommended even if all you do is listen to members talk)
Must be active(As long as you are on a couple times a week we are happy,real life takes precedence )
Must have your main in the guild(can have as many alts as you want as well as long as your main is also inside)
Must not be a member of another guild on any other toon(sounds greedy but if you are on we want you with us)

Requests to join can be left here or via ingame mail to @hiperion16 or @Cwkummer
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