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"A place to call Home."

mcmike1mcmike1 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
edited November 2014 in Foundry Quest Database
A place to call Home.
Author: @Candle71
Short Code: NW-DU5YDQHI9

For role playing purposes.

Player house.

"You look weary adventurer... When's the last time you had a hot meal. a cold mug of ale. or even slept in a nice warm bed? Here, here's a map to Hidden Grove. It's a quaint little castle and village for you to use as your own. Spend a quiet evening in the castle, or if you're not sleepy yet, explore Hidden Grove and the castle for some adventure. There's plenty of side quests, hidden areas to find, and heroic battles to be won for the more adventurous types. Just be sure to speak with your subjects and interact with objects for clues. If you enjoyed your stay and would like to purchase Hidden Grove it is yours for the small price of a foundry donation and a review."
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