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Weekly Reviews -- November 16, 2014

tipadaknifetipadaknife Member Posts: 229 Arc User
edited November 2014 in Foundry Quest Database
Even though the Cult of the Dragon foundry contest is over, Kasul and I are still playing and reviewing foundries. I hadn't been posting the reviews here before the contest, but it might be nice to see what foundries people are playing.

Here's five that we played.

The Neverwinter Conspiracy by @pingconchere
Still Foolish Jack by @Fuji81
Exarah’s Tomb: The Forgotten by @ValorusContego
Aribeth’s Second Betrayal by @meldan3n
Representative’s Distress by @OoKeNnEtHoO
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  • reiwulfreiwulf Member Posts: 2,687 Arc User
    edited November 2014
    Oh, I like this idea, I'm going to play a few now :)
  • klkcahboy90klkcahboy90 Member Posts: 340 Arc User
    edited November 2014

    Thanks for the review=)
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