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She be trippin' (literally)

samothrace22samothrace22 Member Posts: 359 Arc User
edited October 2014 in Bug Reports (PC)
Wtf is up with my TR these days?

This is how she likes to sit on her horse in PE


Dat tail. At least she seems flexible. Bow chicka wow wow


Here she is running and jumping, she lands with her head down and covering her head with one arm. Must be ashamed of the nakedness I put her in to make the image clearer.


Here she is walking, yes walking. Moving very slowly, looking ridiculous.
What is wrong with her? Don't even get me started on that knee jerk TRs have, supposedly the stealthiest, sneakiest class. Can't blame it on her taking too many Selune's Tears because my CW refuses anything like that as a manor of pride and dignity and he does some weird head bopping after he dodges (much to his distaste). Just laying this out there, laying, like my TR lays on her horse. Dx
Trickster Rogue
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