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The Black Deck - Campaign

renossaurorenossauro Member Posts: 2 Arc User
edited October 2014 in Foundry Quest Database
The Black Deck - NWS-DFSIZQISV

"Ages ago, a mage known as Klaus Black created a deck of cards made of pure magic. Each card was a unique being with amazing abilities and powers. Due to the power of the cards, the Black lineage became in charge of protecting the Black Deck. However, Black's youngest descendant, Milo, allowed the cards to escape.

Now, scattered through Neverwinter, the cards represent a threat and iminent danger."

Campaign Information: This is a 7-quest campaign, with each quest having 4-6 mini quests. You are encharged of helping Milo Black recover the cards, seal them and return them to The Black Deck.

Quests Style: Quests in this campaign all have story development, exploring, combat and puzzles. You have to name, weaken and seal the cards. Weakening a card may require combat or puzzle solving. It is great for people looking for an unique experience and it feels like the good old RPG games.

Dialogues: I wouldn't recommend passing through dialogues (i.e. just pressing 1). Some dialogues are really important for the quest and if you do so, you might end up not knowing what to do later on.

Quest Items: Each card has a quest item, so you might need some inventory spaces. Reading the description of the cards might also help you with puzzles.


A CardCaptor Rises
Milo Black is requesting your help to recover the Black Cards scattered around Neverwinter. And the first one might be closer than you think...
Quest Lenght: 20-40 minutes (depends on how much you are exploring and/or avoiding combat)
Reading: Medium-Heavy
Combat: Medium (most are avoidable or optional)
Puzzles: Heavy
Humor: Light

More quests coming soon...

I would really appreciate if you guys can rate/review my quest, as well as reporting any kind of bugs, typos or lack of consistency in this quest.
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