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The campfire buff

hefisdohefisdo Member Posts: 709 Bounty Hunter
edited August 2014 in PvE Discussion
A long time ago I noticed that in Rivenscar Ruins one of the sides is with a slight disadvantage, because the players of that side spawn in front of the campfire instead of inside it. Since you can't just pass through it to get the buff, players of that side just decide to go without it instead of waste their time.

Nowadays I wonder if this buff is still a need in the game. I mean... why does it exist in the first place? Everyone can have it, so people can always have their builds considering 1 more point in every stat because of a buff... so... isn't it better to get rid of it instead of making we rely on it?
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  • anharmonanharmon Member Posts: 175
    edited August 2014
    I'm not actually sure why the buff is there either. It's very simple to run through the entire game with the buff always on, since it lasts 15 min. and usually you can find a campfire in 15 minutes. The OCD side of me would rather it just be gone, honestly -- neater.

    But, there's nothing really wrong with it. I just don't know why it's there.
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